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   Chapter 529 Because I Have To Punish You

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The appearance of Ms. Tien really shocked Holley.

While she was shocked, she was more vigilant.

Because Ms. Tien obviously had bad intentions on her.

Moreover, Holley could clearly feel her malice from her words.

Holley had trusted Ms. Tien, but now, Holley felt that Ms. Tien was dangerous.

Instinctively, Holley took a step back.

She secretly put her right hand behind her back and touched the small pistol that had been worn on her body for self-defense.

However, before she could say anything or do anything, someone came out of the villa from the dark.

There was a quite young girl, who was about sixteen or seven years old.

The girl wore a suit that was suitable for fighting. Her long hair was tied up into a ponytail.

She almost jumped up and came to Holley, blocking Holley behind her. "Young Mistress, Mr. Ron sent me here."

She expressed her identity.

But after all, this young girl was a stranger. Even if she claimed to be sent by Mr. Ron, Holley couldn't rest assured.

With due vigilance, Holley didn't put away her pistol but held it tightly.

She was ready to shoot at any time.

No one could get near her or hurt her.

Because now she was not alone. She got pregnant.

She would take good care of her child.

The girl didn't say anything more. She just rushed over and grabbed Ms. Tien.

Ms. Tien was not good at fighting, and she was getting old, so she had no power to resist.

Being subdued, Ms. Tien was not afraid, but looked at Holley contemptuously, "Though you let me be caught and make me not to tell the truth, the truth is still here. Holley, you are a complete thief. You stole Mr. Ron and the marriage. You have stolen the love, the man, the family and everything of the Mu's Group."

Ms. Tien said bitterly. She looked at Holley with disgust.

"Holley, I thought you were a kind person, but I didn't expect you to be so vicio

lse. Because of guilt and the last words of his parents, Mr. Ron chased you and married you as soon as possible. That's why you, a poor girl, was able to be a rich woman. But all these should not belong to you, because you are just a person who has been mistaken. These things should be given to Holley Mei, but you get these all alone. Aren't you a thief?

And four years ago, when you just married Mr. Ron, you became a murderer. We all know that you were wronged, and you are also clear about this. But what you don't know is why Mr. Ron wronged you for no reason, right?"

Finally, Holley's calm heart stirred up a wave.

Four years ago, in prison...

The past was still vivid in her mind.

She would never forget how hateful and ferocious Ron was when he testified against her in the court.

So, was it because Ron was exasperated when he found out that he had made up for the wrong person?

Ms. Tien cast a scornful glance at Holley and shook her head. "It was Mr. Ron's fault that you went to prison four years ago. Because he mistakenly thought that you had used a conspiracy to let his men take your information as the information of the lonely daughter of the Mei family and give it to him. That's why Mr. Ron punished you and sent you to prison!"

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