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   Chapter 527 True Or False

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Ron rushed back home immediately.

Roger was a step slower than him, but to a certain extent, he arrived at the same time as Ron.

Taking a look at Roger, Ron ordered in a stern tone, "listen, you can't leave her even if Holley asks you to. Your only task is to protect her. "

He was giving orders, but he didn't stop. He had crossed several stairs in a row and arrived at the bedroom on the second floor.

The door was ajar. The moment Ron raised his hand, his heart tightened.

He was actually very worried about his little woman. He didn't know if she was fine, but he was afraid that he would see the painful scene with his own eyes.

A mixed feeling came to his mind. Ron had always been a decisive man.

He pushed the door open directly with a little strength.

No matter what happened to his little woman, he had to face it.

The door was pushed open, and the scene inside was the most surprising to Ron.

Holley slept soundly on the spot. She had a good sleep and seemed to have a good dream, with a slight smile at the corners of her mouth.

Seeing her like this, Ron was still worried.

He walked to the little woman's side, carefully grabbed her hand and gently patted it to wake her up from her sleep.

When she opened her eyes in a daze, Holley pouted with dissatisfaction, "what are you doing? I haven't slept enough."

She said half coquettishly, and the look in Ron's eyes instantly softened.

Looking at his little woman, the corners of his mouth also raised slightly.

He spoiled her. As long as she was fine, everything would be fine.

"I miss you."

Ron said in a low and bewitching voice.

Holley smiled, "yes, but I want to sleep for a while. Will you let me sleep?"


Ron replied briskly, bent over and kissed the little woman's forehead. "Have a good sleep."

Holley was about to sleep, but when the man gently kissed her forehead, she felt that the phone in the man's trouser

Mu family owed her. If it weren't for Ron and the Mu family, her parents wouldn't have died in a car accident.

All this was retribution. The Mu family deserved it.

Looking into the distance, Miss Mei hung up the phone angrily.

The expression of Ron didn't look good.

He raised his hand and pinched his temple with a headache.

Three seconds later, he gave an order to find Miss Mei at all costs. No matter she was alive or dead, Ron wanted her and he would give one hundred million to anyone who could find her.

He sent the order through the phone.

Although Holley was inside the room, she heard it clearly through the door.

She didn't want the gap between the two people, and she didn't want to live in daily suspicion of each other. She walked out of the bedroom directly.

"Ron, why did you spend so much money to find that woman? And who called you just now? "

Holley asked.

Ron didn't want to lie, but he didn't know where to start with those words.

Those things involved too much and too long.

After a minute's silence, he summarized all the situations. "That woman wanted to hurt you. Ms. Tien seemed to be in collusion with her. She said she knew about the status of my parents. Probably that's why I have to find her. She has escaped from my control. "

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