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   Chapter 526 If You Don't Do It, I'll Do It Myself

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After a long time, Ron picked up his phone.

He pressed two numbers and seemed to think of something. Then he put down his cellphone and dialed the number he hadn't dialed out on his cellphone just now.

The phone was connected and it came over Miss Mei's voice.

"Mr. Ron, what can I do for you?"

Her voice was sweet and coquettish.

And that was not her original voice, but a little coquettish.

Ron frowned slightly and put the phone far away. Then he said indifferently, "if you call Holley again, I promise you won't get anything."

"Mr. Ron, are you saying the opposite. If you continue to be so fierce to me, you will really get nothing. Think about it. I had a serious car accident and lost my memory. It's not easy for me to remember something. If you continue to be so fierce to me, I may forget it easily. Besides, Holley is just a woman. She is not the only woman in the world. She is not the only woman who can give birth to a baby. There is no need to hang on a tree. "

Miss Mei didn't think her words were shameless at all.

She even looked a little complacent.

"Mr. Ron, you know what I want. If you don't want me to call and harass Holley Ye, then give me what I want. Anyway, if you don't give me what I want, I won't let you know what you want to know, and I won't let go of Holley Ye. Just as I said to Holley Ye, whether it's better for her to have an abortion voluntarily or to have an abortion crazily because of my torture, it's up to you. "

She said and laughed grimly.

"I shouldn't have hesitated. You deserve to die."

Ron said indifferently.

"Ron, if your parents know that you are so unfilial, will they be pissed off to death?!"

Miss Mei raised her voice by eight degrees and shouted unhappily, "it was your parents who killed my parents that year. If I hadn't been merciful, your parents wouldn't have lived till now. I'm just asking for a little interest from you. If you really want to kill your parents like this, then don't blame me f

the other hand.

He never agreed with what Miss Mei said. Even if Holley was infertile all her life, he would not give up the woman in his heart.

There was no need to let Miss Mei know such a fact.

But it was necessary for him to find out whether his little woman was fine.

Ron called Holley, but her phone was turned off unexpectedly.

He also dialed the fixed line number at home, but for a long time no one answered.

Finally, he called Roger as he rushed out of the office.

Roger answered the phone, but he was not at home.

"Didn't I tell you to protect her? Why did you leave? "

Ron almost roared at Roger.

Roger suddenly had a bad feeling. "It's Young Mistress who told me to do so. Someone who kept an eye at Ms. Tien reported that Ms. Tien was missing. Young Mistress was worried, so she sent me to see her in person. Young Master, I... "


Ron interrupted him, "leave Ms. Tien alone. Go back immediately."

Ron's mind was in a mess. The person he trusted most was not protecting his little woman.

'Holley, you little fool.

Ms. Tien has always been nice to you. Although you are afraid of her, you are still worried about her, so you asked the person you trust most to look for her.

But have you ever thought about it? Who can guarantee and be responsible for your safety?'

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