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   Chapter 523 Believe Me Or Not

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"How do you know I'm coming to the company?"

Looking out of the window at the symbolic building of the Mu's Group, Holley couldn't help smiling.

"Young Mistress must miss Young Master when you go out. It's not wrong."

Roger was quite confident.

Holley smiled noncommittally.

She couldn't deny that she missed Ron. But this was not the reason why she didn't rest at home but come to the company to look for Ron.

In fact, when Holley decided to go out and get in the car, she hadn't thought about how to deal with the matter of Miss Mei. But she had to come to find Ron anyway.

She had planned to straighten out everything and make a perfect choice, but her body was so unreasonable that she fell asleep just after she closed her eyes.

She took out her phone from her handbag and found that there was no missed call or message. Holley felt a little relieved.

Miss Mei's plot couldn't hurt Holley at all. Because she had seen through all these were conspiracies.

What really worried Holley was Ms. Tien.

As they were quite familiar with each other, Holley was very clear that if nothing had happened to Ms. Tien, she would never allow the woman called temptress to call her with her mobile phone.

However, Miss Mei neither called nor sent any message about Ms. Tien, which proved that Ms. Tien's life should not be in danger at present, and at most her freedom was limited.

Besides, Miss Mei must want to see her alone, or she wouldn't have stopped putting pressure on her after she was so late.

In this case, she didn't need to think too much. She just needed to go to Ron and carry out the second plan.

Holley was lucky. Not long after she sat down in the President's Office, the video meeting of Ron Mu was over.

When he returned to his office, he was surprised to see Holley.

Then he made a gesture to his assistant to go out first.

There was no outsider, and there were only two people left in the office, Ron and Holley.

"What's wrong? Why did you come to the company in

u here?"

He asked in confusion.

Ms. Tien said confidently, "I know everything about Young Mistress. Of course I should visit Young Mistress for such an important thing and congratulate her. As soon as I saw you come to clear the site, I knew that Young Master and Young Mistress are in a good relationship. Young Master still doted on Young Mistress as usual. By the way, where is Young Mistress? I haven't seen her for a long time. "

Roger didn't look good.

Because he had heard about it on the way here.

Miss Mei controlled Ms. Tien and grabbed her phone to call Young Mistress to say some nonsense.

But now, he not only saw Ms. Tien who was safe and sound, but also found many things that were different from what Young Mistress said.

Roger was very embarrassed and could not answer the real reason. He just made an excuse, "Young Master, take care of Young Mistress and they are late. I'll invite them."

Outside the coffee shop, Roger knocked on the window. He bent over and told them what had happened in the coffee shop. He expressed euphemistically there were many different facts about what Holley and Ms. Tien said.

Holley was stunned, "how could it be possible that Ms. Tien asked me out? That person has already claimed herself to be Miss Mei."

Holley shook her head in disbelief and emphasized what she knew.

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