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   Chapter 521 Honey, I Love You

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Ron stayed at home with Holley until noon. After lunch, he said that he would go to the company.

"Call me at once if anything happens, okay?"

He was worried about his little woman, so he reminded her again and again.

Holley nodded obediently and smiled, "I will take good care of myself."

When she sent Ron to the door, the man bent down, lowered his head and gave her a deep kiss, which was the most affectionate kiss.

Looking at Ron, Holley hesitated for a long time. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Finally, when the man stepped out of the house, she held his hand and called his name.

"Ron Mu..."

"What's wrong?"

The man turned around and looked at Holley gently and dotingly.

Holley lowered her head and slightly frowned. "When Nancy was pregnant, the first examination was in the hospital. Later, although she didn't go to the hospital for prenatal examination, the Mu family also hired a private doctor to take care of her. Are you sure that I'm as tough as you think? I don't need to go to the hospital and see the doctor. "

This question had confused Holley for too long.

But women were always like this. They wouldn't feel hurt without comparison.

Even if she didn't compare them on purpose, those things happened a few months ago, and she remembered clearly.

In the past, Holley could choose to deceive herself, believe in Ron's choice, and believe in the feelings she felt.

But now it was different. In addition to trust, she had to ask all the questions in her heart.

In addition to trust, she also needed a clear and reasonable answer that could convince her and make her relieved.

"Ron, I asked this for my child. There could be no fairness for me, but as long as you can give to other child, you must give it to my child. "

Holley's mood fluctuated a lot.

Her heart was beating fast.

Ron's half step out o

Was it for revenge?

In order to make Nancy feel that her plot to use other's child to pretend to be Ron's child had succeeded and was approved by the Mu family to a certain extent?

And then destroy her everything when she was most complacent?

If Ron was taking revenge on Nancy in this way, he would be too cruel.

Holley was lost in thought and didn't notice that Ron's hand shook in front of her eyes.

It was not until she heard the man's voice that she came to her senses. "What's wrong?"

"What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing. Maybe I suddenly knew I was pregnant and my mood was different. Leave me alone. I'm just overthinking. Go to work. "

She urged Ron to leave. Ron was really worried, but he reluctantly left the house finally.

"I'll go home as soon as I finish my work in the company. Before I go home, I'll call you and tell me what you want to eat. Honey, I love you. "

He kissed the little woman's forehead gently. This time, Ron really left.

Holley raised her hand to touch her belly, with some other feelings in her heart.

She didn't continue asking more. It was not that she didn't want to know, but that was meaningless.

No matter what happened in the past, it would not change her will to protect her child!

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