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   Chapter518 Girl, Are You Pregnant

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"Young Master Lei, you're courting death. Our Lan family will never let you go!"

Craig couldn't resist. He wasn't a coward. He wasn't scared by those guns.

But it was useless for him to resist.

Young Master Lei brought too many people with him, and he couldn't resist at all.

Young Master Lei didn't care about those threats at all.

He still walked into the villa of Craig.

The villa was almost turned upside down, and Young Master Lei didn't find the person who poisoned his sister.

However, he found the trace of corrosive floor with the aqua regia in a living room.

There was even blood stains on the floor

Therefore, the person who had poisoned his sister had been killed. He was still late.

If he could arrive earlier, he could catch that person and make everything reasonable.

Now, he could kill Craig regardless of anything.

But now the Lei family was in danger.

The status of the Lei family was not stable in the black market, and if he also killed one of Lisa's trusted subordinates, Mr. Lan, Craig Lan, one of the famous Young Masters in N City, he was afraid that the Lei family would be in constant trouble in the future.

Craig deserved to be killed.

But he couldn't kill him now.

Young Master Lei came to this conclusion because of his reason.

He clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles crunched.

He hated himself for being late.

After a long time, he walked out of the villa of the Lan family with heavy steps.

There was no evidence, and a pool of aqua regia mixed with blood could not prove anything at all

He was a little weak, but he would not show weakness in front of his enemy.

When he walked past Craig with a cold face, he glanced at Craig indifferently. Without saying anything to explain, he waved his hand and retreated with his men.

Craig was quite unhappy.

If he had a group of people nearby, he would definitely fight with Young Master Lei.

No matter what he thought, he was unhappy.

He gave Young Master Lei and his men a ferocious look and swore to himself that he would definitely kill them without a burial place.


ays, you can have a try. My bullets are faster than yours. "

As he spoke, Young Master Lei shot, which only rubbed against Craig's earlobe.

The hair at his temples was scalded by the bullet.

Looking at Young Master Lei fiercely, Craig wanted to shoot.

But in the end, reason triumphed over everything.

Her sister had suffered a lot in the sanatorium. If she was really exposed to be not insane, he was afraid that with her intelligence and EQ, she wouldn't be able to survive in prison for three months.

Craig held back his anger and shot six shots at the sky in a row. "Young Master Lei, I won't let your whole family die without a burial place. I'm sorry for my father. Let's wait and see."

He put up with it and didn't even look into the matter of rear end collision. He just got in the car silently and drove away sadly. Then he picked up pieces of broken glass and pieced up the portrait in a deserted corner

In the Mu's Group.

After experiencing the torment in the hospital, Holley had no spirit.

She always lay there in low spirits and felt sleepy.

Ron thought she was so depressed because of her grandmother.

He thought that all the pain needed to be vented, so he did not stop her. He just let her be so lazy.

It was not until the noon of the second day that Holley had a bite of lunch and couldn't help vomiting that Ron realized something.

"Girl, are you pregnant?"

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