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   Chapter517 Making Trouble

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If someone was familiar with the upper class of N City, he would definitely recognize that the villa belonged to the Lan family.

If there was someone who was very familiar with the upper class of N City, he would definitely be able to recognize at the first time. The person who walked out of the villa was the current head of the Lan family, Mr. Lan, the president of the Lan's Group, Craig.

He seemed to be afraid that others would not recognize him. He even stood at the gate of the villa with his hands behind his back for a full minute before he got on the luxury car with the Lan's family badge engraved on it.

After getting in the car, he swaggered all the way. He had never hidden his identity because he had killed someone not long ago.

Until the car drove out of N City and headed for the road to another city.

In the deep night, the man put down the curtain of the luxury car and isolated himself from everything outside. Then he slowly wiped his face and took off the extremely exquisite human skin mask on his face.

He was not Craig, but trying to frame him.

In N City.

Soon, Young Master Lei found the whereabouts of the murderer who poisoned his sister.

However, when he arrived at his position, he happened to meet Craig who was backing home.

Young Master Lei didn't come alone.

He was the Young Master of the black market, an lawless man.

Moreover, now, the black hand of sin actually reached out to his sister.

He would never tolerate such a thing, nor would he let go of the person who had done it.

Therefore, Young Master Lei came with a large group of people, each holding heavy weapons.

If it weren't for the restrictions of the city, Young Master Lei would have asked someone to drive the tank over and crush those who hurt his sister to death like ants.

Craig's face changed dramatically.

The feud between him and the Lei family had lasted for more than one or two days.

His dear sister, Bella, even if he knew that she had a low IQ and poor understanding ability, he would blame his sister f

ket is going to be reshuffled, and you can't get any from it. You'd better feel lucky if you won't be killed as your Lei family has been in the black market for so many years and knows so many secrets."

"And your sister, Teresa, has done a lot of bad things. She is so lucky that she has become a vegetable before the reckoning starts. She is really powerful."

Craig said insidiously, "Young Master Lei, do you think Teresa can get away with it if my sister is insane? I have evidence of how she instigated my sister to commit a crime and ignited the bomb. Besides, I have a lot of evidence. I believe that many people are willing to take the opportunity to rob and pour cold water on the Lei family. So don't be presumptuous in front of me. You'd better kneel down and beg me now. Maybe I can forgive you. Otherwise, our Lan family will never let you go. Even if I can't do anything to you, I will make your sister suffer a lot. "

"Ha ha."

Young Master Lei sneered.

He suddenly found that Craig was a very hypocritical person. The people who poisoned her had been sent there, but he still shouted at him like this.

'Do you think I will let you succeed if you want to humiliate me?'

Young Master Lei waved his hand without hesitation, indicating his subordinate to subdue Craig. Then he walked up in person, kicked open the door of the villa and broke in.

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