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   Chapter 508 Let Her Pay The Price

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The director of the police station couldn't help shivering.

It was not because what Holley said was too shocking.

After all, before Holley appeared at the police station, the video of Teresa killing Holley's grandmother had already been spread crazily.

What made him shiver was the tone of Holley.

Ron was a petite girl, but her tone was so cold.

The director of the police station nodded and said, "Don't worry. We will handle this case well and give you an explanation."

In fact, he had already received an order that he didn't need to worry about the identity and status of the Lei family. The case of Teresa killing Holley's grandmother should be handled in a fair and law-abiding way.

Holley didn't know this, but a hint of cruelty flashed through her eyes.

Her sharp eyes fell directly on the director of the police station.

"What are you going to do with it? How can you explain it to me? Now Teresa is in the hospital. Should you arrest her according to the laws and regulations? "

Holley asked, louder than ever.

The purpose she came to the police station in person was to confirm everything and not to give Teresa a way out.

Grandma was her closest family, and also her only family in the world.

Therefore, Teresa had to pay the price for killing her grandmother.

The price that Holley wanted Teresa to pay was something that the Lei family couldn't settle.

The director of the police station nodded solemnly. "Of course, but I have to ask my superior to sign an arrest warrant. Please wait a moment. The arrest warrant will be signed in twenty minutes. I heard that Detective Lin and Mr. Ron are old friends. At that time, I will be in charge of it myself, and Detective Lin will be responsible for the specific arrest. Is that okay?"


Holley replied indifferently, "I'll wait in the car for you to send someone to arrest the murderer, Teresa."

Then she turned around, walked out of the police station and got in the car.

Ron followed her into the car.

He didn't say a word, just si

sible for her to get away with it. Even if our Lei family traded everything that we had for Teresa. Holley would not change it. But I'm an elder brother and I can't leave my sister alone, so Fabian, please help her. Please try your best to fight for her, until she regains her memory so that she could defend herself, or admit her crime in a completely sober state."

Young Master Lei's plea was quite kind, and it was not difficult for Fabian.

Fabian nodded and said, "Brother, don't worry. I will ask Mr. Ron to give Teresa some time. But if Teresa is really the murderer, I think none of us can protect her. As you know, Ron also has the same background as the Lei family in your black market."

"Fabian, if it was in the past, I would try my best to protect Teresa. But the woman I love most told me that I can't solve everything for Teresa all the time. She is an adult and she should be responsible for her own behavior. I didn't promise her, because Teresa is my sister. I will try my best to deal with anything that is not excessive. But I can't help her with the murder. Therefore, she had to be responsible for what she has done. I will try my best to make her stay in a relatively better place to go to jail..."

Young Master Lei sighed and shook his head.

His sister was so stupid.

No matter what, she couldn't do anything to the old woman...

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