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   Chapter 502 Having A Good Luck

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Roger was on the top floor of the company. It would take at least five minutes to take people here for support.

About two or three minutes had passed since she had called him.

Holley believed as long as she could be more careful, it will not be a problem for me to hold on for several minutes.

However, those men were all unknown and vicious people. It would be hard for Holley to fight against them.

Seeing those strong men walking towards her with knives and sticks in their hands, Holley raised the coffee in her hand suddenly.

"You all stop!"

Holley yelled. Hearing that, those strong men stopped one after another, but looked at her with provocation.

They looked at Holley with contempt.

Obviously, they didn't take Holley seriously. The reason why they stopped was that they wanted to see what tricks Holley could play.

Actually, Holley did plan to play tricks, because she knew that she wouldn't win against those strong men by herself.

"What do you want to do?"

One of the strong men asked arrogantly.

Holley smiled softly.

Someone had taught her not to cry in front of her enemies, even if she was scared to death.

Because that would only make the enemy happier.

Instead, maybe she might protect herself.

"I have a pistol on my hand. Do you want to die? How dare you charge forward?"

Holley replied calmly and angrily.

However, those men were not afraid, they just laughed at Holley mercilessly.

Obviously, those men were not stupid. They knew Holley had only five bullets left.

No matter if Holley was equipped with enough bullets or not, the man could kill her after she charged her pistol.

So when they heard Holley mention her pistol to threaten them, they just felt it was ridiculous.

Holley didn't care about it. She looked calm and cold. "Do you really think that I dare to shoot you and destroy your work only with the pistol in my hand?"

Holley answered casually an

corpses left."

"Tell me where the corpses are. I will ask somebody to make an autopsy of them and find out who dare chase my sister in the street?"

Young Master Lei yelled madly.

He was truly angry.

Even though Fabian was a gentle man, he cruelly said, "If I know who did it, I will cut him into pieces!"

"The corpses are all at the police station. I believe it won't be difficult for you to do that."

Holley said honestly. "Now that you are here, I will not stay in the hospital."

She turned around and was about to leave.

"Holley." Young Master Lei called her suddenly.

"What's up?"

Because of her grandma, Holley could never forgive Young Master Lei. She looked at him with hostility.

"Thank you."

For Young Master Lei, it was a rare thing to say thank you.

But he had to say thanks to Holley for what happened today.

Even though Holley never claimed credit for herself, he heard about the fact that it was Holley who saved Teresa and didn't make Teresa killed on the street."

"I also don't want to risk my life to save someone, but this happened outside the Mu's Group and under my watch. So, it's unnecessary to say thank you."

Holley's voice became colder and colder.

"I will tell Teresa that you saved her life."

Said Young Master Lei.

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