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   Chapter 500 Your Recognition

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After saying that, Terence held his head high and continued to walk forward.

Ron raised his head indifferently and said in a low voice, "Currently, Tian Yao Group has lost miserably."

Terence stopped.

He didn't expect that Ron dared to talk back and even expose his shortcomings.

Suddenly, Terence turned around and pointed at Ron with his middle finger. He said word by word, "Ron, you don't have to be proud. Right now, you are absolutely no match for me. D Series is looking at overall sales over three months, not short periods of time.

"I don't think the D Series would like to cooperate with a president who is rude and ridiculous," said Ron calmly without even blinking his eyes.

Ron was good at bickering.

Terence was no match for him at all.

Terence had tried to declare war on Ron, but he failed. He had to swallow his anger and leave in a huff.

Holley chuckled and said, "It suddenly occurred to me that there used to be a big yellow dog barking at people all day long at the gate of our school, and then it was beaten to death by someone with a stick."

Today, Terence was wearing a dazzling yellow suit.

Actually, Holley was pointing at the mulberry and abusing the locust. She said Terence was a big yellow dog.

She was a woman who always put in a good word for her husband. As she loved Ron more and more, she spoke for him more than ever.

If Terence dared to come to provoke her, she would fight back.

Hearing this, Ron burst into laughter. "It's so good to kill it."

Terence stood not far away, his face contorted with anger.

But he couldn't argue with Ron and Holley.

Because it was unwise that he had no way to prove that Ron and Holley were insulting him, and they did not mention his name from beginning to end.

Even if they were making fun of him, there was nothing he could do.

came bake with nothing, Ron nodded his head and said, "Okay. You two have fun tonight at the dance. We can get drinks for ourselves."

"Wait a minute."

Jay stopped Ron who was leaving with Holley and said, "I will give you drinks, but now there is a more important thing to do than eating drinks. Give me one minute."

"Well, go ahead."

Ron readily agreed.

Jay put his hand around Sarah's waist and said, "I was too nervous just now and forgot to introduce Miss Sarah to you. So I think I should start over."

"This is Miss Sarah, my girlfriend, she is the girl I'm going to marry in the future. I just want to introduce her to you today."

As Sarah expected, Jay admitted her identity in front of others.

That moment was a happy moment for Sarah.

Even for Holley and their resemblance, Sarah still had doubts, but she didn't want to ask or destroy such a beautiful view.

"Thank you, Jay."

Sarah expressed her gratitude to Jay in a sincere tone. She nodded her head slightly to Ron and Holley. Then she went to get drinks with Jay happily.

Then Ron and Holley sat back to their previous seats. With a faint smile on Ron's face, he talked about Jay and Sarah. "Do you think they are a perfect match?"

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