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   Chapter 477 Coming For Her

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Without another word, Jay took out his laptop and said, "can we go there alone. I believe you respect the design and the designer. "

The French man did not deny but turned around directly.

It seemed that he agreed with Jay's idea.

Jay walked to him with his laptop. Then he heard the voice of the representative from the Global Stock Company, "cheating! That's a unfair treatment."

He cursed like a shrew.

The French man kept ignoring him until he pushed the small office door not far away. He turned around and said coldly, "if there is any design from Global Stock Company, you can take it out. I believe that with today's technology, the rest work will be sent to your phone in no more than one minute. So the time limit I give to you is when I will get back here and get your following work ready. "

After saying that, he turned around and entered the small office.

Jay followed him into the office.

It took only five minutes from their receding figure to the returning time of the bidding event for Jay and the French man.

But the five minutes was a long time for others.

Some were happy while some were sad.

The Global Stock Company was not assured since they knew how they got the plan for their company.

They had no follow-up design at all.

Now, the only hope was that the follow-up design shown by Jay Zhong would not satisfy the senior executives of D series.

In fact, no matter the senior executives of D series were satisfied with it, one fact could not be changed.

That is, the Global Stock Company was the plagiarist without any follow-up work.

Craig was overjoyed. He was convinced that Mu's Group would definitely lose this time. He did not believe that the Mu's Group had stolen the design. He just believed that no one would satisfy the bad-tempered French man with his work.

He was so foolish t

em must be insane."

The man said fiercely.

"Well, how can you say that?"

The girl rolled her eyes at him.

"Do you still want to watch the show?"

The man ignored her words and changed the topic directly.

"That's right. There's nothing interesting to watch. Things are quite obvious. People from the Global Stock Company apparently got the design through improper means, and the Mu's Group was the designer. "

The girl said coquettishly.

The man next to her gave her a doting smile and said, "let's go. It's time to go home."

"So soon?"

The girl was stunned. "We won't live in N City anymore? Didn't you say that you came here for Holley? Why did you leave all of a sudden? You said you wanted to see her. "

"Because there is no need."

He then told the driver to start the car.

"How come?"

The girl shook her head in confusion. "But Holley..."

As if he thought she talked too much, he turned around, kissed her on the lips.

At the bidding event.

The door of the office was pushed open.

The French man who was unruly and irritable and Jay, one after the other, walked out of the room.

The French man looked lethargic and arrogant.

Jay's face was calm. No one could guess the result.

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