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   Chapter 455 Don't Doubt My Purpose Of Coming Back (2)

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With a mocking smile, Jane said, "Rainer, but you're right to suspect me, because I'm a suspect too. And it's important to make it clear. Otherwise, if you keep everything in your heart and doubt me stealthily, I will feel your coldness and be driven mad by you."

"No, I won't leave you alone. I won't upset you."

Young Master Lei said solemnly. How turbulent the sea was, how hot his love.

With a smile, Jane turned around, rested her head on Young Master Lei's chest and said, "Rainer, the mastermind behind this accident knows very well about the internal situation of this villa. It can't be me to kidnap Holley's grandma. I have been the villa only once. And I'm going to help the old woman remove the infrared explosion from her body. I can't figure out all the arrangements of guards in the villa. And the person who took away Holley's grandma must be the culprit who laid everyone down in the villa on the ground."

Jane persuaded Young Master Lei emotionally and rationally

Jane had totally proven her innocence about the matter that who had kidnapped Holley's grandmother.

Young Master Lei nodded thoughtfully. "The culprit must be very familiar with the interior situation of the villa and know the distribution of guards."

Speaking of this, Young Master Lei shook his head. "But it was me who hired someone to design this villa, and I arranged the guards by myself. Only Teresa and my father knew the whole situation. But Teresa has been killed and my father would never do such a thing."

All was so weird.

"Maybe someone else inadvertently knew the situation in the villa, but we don't know either. I will help you find out this thing. All you have to do is to focus on investigating who poisoned Teresa. Rainer, we will find the murderer and we won't let him get away. He must pay with his life for killing Teresa!"

To Young Master Lei, Jane was always a sweet talker.

Her gentle words always comforted Young Master Lei.

She was so kind that s

he villa was all put in the monitoring room on the first floor. The situation in the villa is the same as it was when the accident happened. Nothing has been changed."

"As for me, I'm half a suspect. After all, I know that Holley's grandma is trapped here, so in order to prevent me from interfering, I won't accompany you upstairs. You all have my phone number. If anything happens, get it connected on the phone."

With no intention of following them into the villa, Jane took the initiative to avoid suspicion.

Ron nodded at her and led Holley into the villa.

When he pushed the door open, Ron suddenly stopped.

He turned around and walked towards Jane. He took out the leaf and asked, "Miss Jane, have you seen it before?"

"No, I haven't."

Jane was confused by Ron's question.

She couldn't understand why Ron suddenly brought a leaf to ask her, but she had never seen the leaf before.

By instinct, she even stepped back two steps. "Mr. Ron, maybe you don't know that I'm allergic to leaves. I can't touch leaves, nor get too close to them. So please forgive me for this."

Ron said nothing but packed the leaf and went back to Holley. They went into the villa together.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Ron, Jane whispered in a low voice, "Phoenix leaf? Is there audio monitor on it?"

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