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   Chapter 454 Don't Doubt My Purpose Of Coming Back (1)

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At the villa of Patrick.

Patrick and Teresa sat opposite each other.

There was a small monitoring device on the tea table between them, from which Holley's voice could be heard.

Patrick showed a smug smile and asked, "How about it? It won't be a bad deal to cooperate with me, right? Holley was already suspicious of Jane and I believe that before long they will fight against each other."

Hearing what Patrick said, Teresa couldn't help but curl her lips and sneered, "You haven't kidnapped anybody. How can you have the nerve to say that it won't be a bad deal for me to cooperate with you?"

Teresa gave Patrick the internal structure map of the villa and even the arrangement of guards gave a clear position.

However, Patrick had no merit except that he was ruthless.

He couldn't even do such a thing as robbery.

It seemed that the cooked duck had already gone.

What made her angrier was that she couldn't find out who had kidnapped Holley's grandma.

"Patrick, I warn you, don't think of my brother. Don't put your mind on my brother. You can do anything you want to deal with Holley, but if you dare to hurt my brother, my uncle and my future sister-in-law, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

With a gun in Teresa's hand, Teresa took out the gun and aimed it at the head of Patrick.

A fierceness flashed in Patrick's eyes.

He suppressed the anger in his heart and even put on a false smile. "Miss Teresa, I have never done anything to hurt your uncle or your brother. As for the sister-in-law you mentioned, I don't think she has ever treated you as her sister. It was Holley who poisoned you and set a fire. But she even had means to confuse right and wrong and made your brother believe that it had nothing to do with Holley. Do you think it's necessary for you to defend such a woman?"

Patrick was much older than her, and he was good at being decisive.

Teresa was totally confused.

Her hands with gun also trembled slightly.

She was poisoned and almost burned to death.

If Patrick hadn't save her, she w

oung Master Lei forever and arranged a fake death for her.

None of Mr. Lei's requests were important, and there was no need for Jane to tell Young Master Lei about these things.

She loved that man, so she understood his father's good intention.

Jane believed that if Young Master Lei was in her place, he would make the same decision.

Young Master Lei suddenly turned around and tightly held Jane in his arms. "But I have known your identity and background for a long time. It was unlikely that I couldn't find out these things in the black market. You should have told me so I could stand up for you in front of my father to prove that there is no such a stain. You really shouldn't have left like that. If you never show up again, I will miss you all my life."

Young Master Lei's breathing got faster and faster and his speaking speed became faster and faster.

He didn't care if Jane was another man's mistress.

He just regarded Jane as a woman he loved.

"Rainer, it's all over. The most important thing is that I'm back and be with you now. You shouldn't doubt me. I came back just to stay with you. I will never let you go. You are not allowed to marry other women."

What Jane said was true. That was one of her purposes of her return.

Her words moved Young Master Lei.

Young Master Lei sighed, "I was so stupid. How could I suspect you?"

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