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   Chapter 453 Where Was My Grandma(2)

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Holley was rendered speechless.

She couldn't think the worst result.

Grasping the inspection report tightly in hand, Holley raised her eyes and stared at Young Master Lei. She asked, "Where is my grandmother? Where was she? Who kidnapped her? "

"Didn't you just threaten me by controlling my grandma? How can you lose her?"

Tears welled up in Holley's eyes, but she didn't let them fall. She approached Young Master Lei step by step. "If you can't protect the hostages and keep your evidences, then you shouldn't rob her at the beginning."

Young Master Lei had to back off.

He was dodging. After all, it was he that did something wrong to Holley on this matter.

But it wasn't his fault. If it wasn't Holley who asked Jane to help her deactivate infrared explosion, nobody dared to take her grandma away from the villa.

After all, everyone would be killed by the explosion system on the spot if he wanted to take her away.

In others' view, Young Master Lei was a ruthless man who had done beam of infrared explosion on the old woman's body. But his purpose was to protect her and intimidate anyone who coveted her.

Seeing that Holley didn't listen to him, Young Master Lei stepped aside and came to Ron, "Keep an eye on your woman."

Ron didn't follow Young Master Lei.

He was just worried that Holley would hurt herself under such a circumstance.

Moreover, Young Master Lei was not a good man.

It seemed that his attitude was good now. Once he was pissed off, the little fool would be the one to suffer in the end.

Ron walked over and pulled Holley into his arms, and then he hugged her tightly.

Hugging Holley. Ron didn't say anything. He just wanted to calm her down a little bit.

At this time they must not be disorderly, they need to be sensible.

After three minutes, Holley finally regained her composure.

She weakly leaned in the arms of Ron, but still staring at Young Master Lei. "I want the surveillance video in the villa. I want to ask everyone in the villa at that time. I want to go to the villa to check if they have left any clues."


ne could find any flaw in her words.

Facing such a person, Holley was not strong enough to control herself.

She almost wanted to say that she would try her best to recall what had happened.

However, Ron held her little hand tightly and did not give her a chance to speak.

"See you off."

Ron responded calmly.

Then Jane left.

When Ron went to close the door, Holley followed him carefully and asked, "Why don't you want me to help her?"

"Silly girl, that's just a social formula. Jane just wanted us to not fall out with the Lei family and keep the friendship with them. But for me, Keeping friendship with them are impossible. But I won't fall out with them. The action I took just now showed my attitude."

Ron explained thoughtfully.

Holley thought it over and thought Ron was right. She just was so worried that she couldn't understand the underlying meaning of Jane's words.

"I agree with you."

Holley heaved a sigh and went on, "But it doesn't matter. The most important thing for us is to find where Grandma is. Would the kidnapper torture her? I'm so worried about her."

Suddenly, Holley did not speak.

Then she held Ron's hand and said, "I have planned to ask Jane's subordinate about that. Usually, only someone who knows how to unlink an infrared explosion will rob grandma. Jane and her subordinate could expose it to others. Do you think we can do it?"

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