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   Chapter 399 Live And I Will Marry You (5)

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At first, Ron thought Young Master Lei didn't answer his sister's phone on purpose.

he called him for three times, but nobody answered. Teresa had already sensed that something was wrong with her brother.

"Mr. Ron, you can blame us for being merciless and vicious. But please trust me. I think that there is something wrong with my brother. "

It was related to the safety of her brother, so Teresa lowered her head directly and said something pleasing to Ron.

"I want to see the evidence."

Ron said coldly.

"Think about it. This phone is a public telephone. Even if my brother is not at the side of the phone, someone will answer the phone 24 hours a day. And my brother will carry this cell phone with him all the time. But neither of the two calls was picked up, which was unusual. There was only one time in the past that he had a conflict with Lisa's people on the sea. They had been fighting for three days and three nights, and my brother and I were out of touch. So from the past, there must be something wrong. "

Teresa explained and dialed the master phone.

It was still that the phone was connected, but no one answered it. "Mr. Ron, I won't lie to you. Something must have happened on the boat. Why don't you take some people to have a look? "

"Even if my brother deserves to die, how about Holley?"

Then Teresa sent Ron an encrypted file. "This is the design drawing of the cruise ship. Can you believe me now? This is not our plan. We brother and sister only wanted to make Holley misunderstand you and me, or let you misunderstand Holley and my brother. We don't have to kill her. "

Ron believed Teresa, so he drove fast towards the dock.

Worried about Holley, he took a sudden turn. As Ron stepped hard on the gas, the car crashed into the fence beside.

If he controlled the car speed properly, this collision would not hurt the people in the car at all.

But Ron was driving so fast that his head was crashed onto the steering wheel.

It was a heavy blow

was just his bad luck.

Then Fabian turned to Old Master Yan and urged. "Time is limited. You should make a decision as soon as possible."

"When Miss Ye comes back, she will stimulate my grandson's desire to survive."


"I gave him cardio tonic. You will be in charge of Rex. If you let him die, I will not take the blame. Don't tell anybody that I operated on him," Fabian nodded and said to Holley.


Holley looked at Old Master Yan with uncertainty and said, "it's better that you say something to Mr. Yan. Your words will definitely be more useful than mine."

"Miss ye, are you angry with me for asking you to leave just now?"

Old Master Yan sighed, "just now, my grandson was shot to save you. Who do you think can stimulate all of his will to survive? "

The answer was obvious. It must be Holley.

Fabian nodded in agreement. "Okay. Cut the crap. Or else he would have died of excessive loss of blood. "

Fabian made the cardio tonic himself. The one he made was quite effective than the others.

Before long, Rex recovered a little bit of his will.

Rex was relieved to see his grandpa and Holley safely.

Seeing that Holley still didn't make any move, Fabian pushed her and said, "hurry up. Look at his blood pressure and his pulse. If you don't work harder, Mr. Yan will be dead. "

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