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   Chapter 394 Crazy Love (5)

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Teresa looked at the nurse coldly, with a hint of murderous look in her eyes. "You say it again!"

She shouted, and the nurse spoke in a neither humble nor pushy tone, "Miss Lei, considering your current physical condition, you are not allowed to get angry nor be too emotional. Please take good care of yourself. "

She finished what she wanted to say, and the data she needed to record had been finished.

The nurse turned around and left the ward.

Teresa knew her physical condition very well.

She did not chase after the nurse, but deeply remembered all the features of her face above the mask.

She would like to see who dared to ruin the Lei family's business, and what's worse, her brother had betrayed her.

Outside the ward.

The nurse turned around and glanced at Teresa's ward, feeling disgusted.

It seemed like she didn't like Teresa at all.

After glancing, she walked quickly into the change room. Decisively, she took off her mask and her nurse uniform, and then she heard footsteps and applause coming behind her.

She turned around suddenly and saw Ron.

"Hello, Mr. Ron."

She had already known that the man in the ward was Ron.

Now she was even more fearless than just now when she looked at Ron, and she continued, "Mr. Ron, you spent so much effort following me just to see if I was sent by Young Master Lei, right?"

Ron didn't say anything. He just looked her up and down.

He hadn't found such an amazing woman in his memory.

"Who are you?"

Ron looked at the person in front of him with hesitation.

The nurse giggled and said, "Mr. Ron comes very soon. You can see how I look after I remove my makeup two minutes later. My appearance has been changed by makeup techniques, so it's normal that Mr. Ron can't recognize me. I can answer your questions, Mr. Ron. I'm not sent by Young Master Lei. I appear because I don't want Lei family to entirely separate you and Holley. "

"Well, your doubts are clea

have in your hand that Mr. Ron has to listen to you."

"I will settle the old grudges between my Lei family and Yan family first."

Young Master Lei yelled loudly.

Holley shook her head, "What if Young Master Lei dies from the gun of Mr. Yan. I think you should tell me first what it is. "


Young Master Lei laughed, revealing his white teeth. He said, "Holley, the only reason why Mr. Ron divorced you and marry my sister is that he doesn't love you enough. She saved her, so he doesn't want you. No matter how hard you've been imagining it, it's just your wishful thinking. Even though he didn't do it himself, she saved his life before and he didn't think he could pay her back. You hold a little position in Mr. Ron's heart. "

Young Master Lei said coldly, destroying the relationship between Ron and Holley.

"Mr. Yan, let's go. These nonsense is meaningless."

Holley smiled bitterly.

She shouldn't have come here.

'I risked my life to get on the ship just because of hearing Young Master Lei's unrealistic words of parting. What a fool.'

"Holley, you are smart. Now that you don't believe me, it's better. Let's talk about it. If you shoot Rex, I will tell you the real answer. "

Young Master Lei said fiercely. Then he walked to Holley and gave the gun to her.

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