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   Chapter 393 Crazy Love (4)

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Teresa cried and shook her head. "Mr. Ron, I'm not trying to alienate you brothers. But you should know that I am the litigant, and I can see things clearly. Living in Fabian's house with someone taking care of me doesn't make uncle and brother worry about me. But why do I still insist on moving out? "

"It's not about the rumors or the difficulty of living with me before marriage. Because I found out that I was not the one Fabian loved. In his eyes, I am just a substitute. The one that Fabian really loved was nobody but Holley. However, Holley's family was not suitable for his and she couldn't enter the Ou family, so Fabian was just a secret love. He didn't fall in love until he met me, another woman who was similar to Holley and had a rich family. "

"But that's not love. I'm just a substitute for Holley. I'm a substitute."

Teresa poured out all her grievances in a tearful voice.

It was the first time that Ron heard such kind of statement.

He couldn't help but be stunned again.

She said that Fabian loved Holley. When he saw all the pictures in Fabian's house, he suspected him.

But Fabian explained and he didn't continue his suspicions. In addition, Fabian was a man of his word.

But now, hearing what Teresa talked about, he could not help feeling a little doubtful.

It was the indifferent and self-conscious matter of love.

Others couldn't understand what he meant.

She wouldn't have said that if Teresa hadn't discovered something.

But Fabian, it couldn't be.

Ron was sort of conflicted.

Teresa wiped her tears and smiled bitterly. "You think it's absurd and unreliable, don't you, Mr. Ron?"

Ron didn't say anything. Teresa said, "in fact, it's not absurd and trusts."

"Mr. Ron, do you still remember what you said to me when you saved me?"

Said Teresa with a sigh.

In fact, she was also a substitute for Ron.

But she still thought Mr. Ron was cuter.

Because Mr. Ron had never flirted with her or made


It was known to all that Teresa was Fabian's fiancée.

They hadn't canceled the engagement yet. If that nurse didn't come here under someone's order, she would never say that he was her fiancé.

He guessed that most probably the people who gave her orders were either Teresa or Young Master Lei.

The nurse rolled her eyes at Ron in surprise. "Young Master Lei told me that you are Miss Lei's fiancé. He was afraid that you wouldn't treat his sister well, so he asked me to come in and have a look. "


Ron snorted coldly and turned around, intending to leave, without saying anything more.

The nurse was anxious and wanted to stop Ron, but Teresa stopped her.

After Ron left the ward, Teresa looked at the nurse with a slight frown and asked, "who on earth told you to say that?"

"It's Young Master Lei."

The nurse answered seriously.

However, Teresa knew it was not her plan with her brother.

That was definitely not their plan.

Her brother and her planned to separate Ron and Holley completely. So a nurse was arranged in advance to remind Ron of her goodness.

But now, the nurse's presence had the opposite effect.

She even clearly remembered that the sneer and hum before Ron left. He had seen through her, and he felt even more disgusting than before.

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