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   Chapter 392 Crazy Love (3)

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Rex smiled indifferently, "but you have divorced with Mr. Ron. You are single. Mr. Ron is getting married again. "

"We, are not divorced."

Holley said stubbornly, "No, we didn't."

"You've already signed the divorce agreement!"

Rex stressed.

Holley suddenly turned her head and stared at Rex.

She said word by word, "we haven't got the divorce certificate. It can't be regarded as divorce."

What Holley said was reasonable.

They had signed the divorce agreement, and had not gotten the divorce certificate. It was really not regarded as a divorce.

Maybe this was their obsession.

But didn't Rex have any obsession?

His insistence was all he wanted. He only hoped that the girl he really loved could live a good and happy life.

Even though he didn't bring her happiness.

"If Young Master Lei still has something on Ron, you'll divorce sooner or later, Holley. So, I still have hope. I might work hard and you will marry me after you get divorced with Mr. Ron, won't you? "

Hearing Rex's theory, Holley had nothing to say.

He was as determined as she was.

It seemed impossible for him to be persistent in other people's eyes.

Since he is so persistent, why not fulfill it.

"Mr. Yan, you should be fully prepared. Young Master Lei hates you so much. "

"Don't worry. I will not only protect myself, I will also protect you well."

Rex smiled confidently and started the car.

Then he left with Holley. While Roger was busy, he started the car to follow them. At the same time, he called Ron.

He wanted to report the situation to his Young Master, but Ron's phone couldn't get though.

this moment.

Ron was in the hospital, in the ward of Teresa.

He didn't go to the hospital to visit Teresa for love.

It was Young Master Lei who personally came to the company and told him that his sister actually loved Fabi

and how he didn't want to leave you? "

In the vast majority of the reason why Ron was willing to say so was because after solving the knot in the heart of Teresa, she would be able to be with Fabian well.

She was on good terms with Fabian, so no one would come to split Holley and him up.

There was also a small part of the reason, of course, that he didn't want to see a pure and kind woman Teresa become evil and merciless for him, Ron.

Teresa kept a viper in her heart.

The venom swallowed and eroded her heart.

The things in Mexico did soften Teresa's heart at a moment.

But then, she realized something.

The reason why Fabian was nice to her was not because he loved her, but by no means because he loved her.

Making up her mind, she smiled bitterly and looked at Mr. Ron. "You really don't know anything, do you?"

With such question, Teresa couldn't help but burst into tears again.

Because of Fabian, she knew what love was. She also understood that what she felt for Mr. Ron was only grateful and her persistence, even her illusion.

But it was this man who made her understand what was love and suffered her out of love.

"What should I know?"

There was something else in Teresa's words. Ron asked.

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