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   Chapter 391 Crazy Love (2)

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Holley almost lost her balance after being pulled out of the car.

Fortunately, today she wore flat shoes. If she wore high-heeled shoes, she would definitely sprain her ankle.

"Mr. Yan?"

What Rex did today was really strange.

Holley felt that the man in front of her was strange.

Rex smiled indifferently and said, "come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"Get on my car."

Rex gave a bland smile, "I just feel that getting in my car is much better than getting in Mr. Ron's car."

Then, he looked at Roger and added, "He doesn't need to follow anymore."

"Young Mistress?"

Roger looked at Rex alertly, but still asked for Holley's opinion.

Holley nodded and pulled her hand that was held by Rex back. "Let's go."

After getting on the car.

Rex opened his mouth with a headache, "the Lei family has something on Mr. Ron. They threatened him and he divorced you involuntarily. So you thought of asking for Eleanor's help to check the recent whereabouts and movements of the Lei family. But unluckily, Eleanor is not in the bar now. You have no choice but to leave. Will you be very happy if a powerful and well connected person is willing to help you investigate these things? "

He spoke out why Holley came at once. Not only that, but also those things which were almost a secret.

But Holley wasn't surprised that Rex knew this.

After all, he had the ability and strength to investigate these things.

Rex smiled at Holley, "Why didn't you ask me for help? I can find out the things you want to know. "


For a moment, Holley didn't know how to respond.

Rex didn't want to make things difficult for Holley. Then he said, "but even if you don't ask me, Holley, I will help you investigate. But unfortunately, my subordinates only found out that Young Master Lei has been acting very secretive in the last two days. No one knows where he has been. "

"Young Master Lei is so cautious."

Holley sighed.

"Why are you laughing? Don't you know how much they hate you? They want to kill you."

Holley was angry with Rex's attitude.

Rex said seriously, "the Yan family haven't done anything wrong. Even if Young Master Lei wants to kill me, it depends on his ability. If he doesn't have the ability, even if I come to him, he won't be able to kill me. "

"Forget it. It's chaotic enough now. What if you were harmed on the cruise ship because of it?"

Holley shook her head and refused. But Rex was determined and said, "believe me, Holley Ye. If you don't believe me, you will never board Young Master Lei's boat tonight. "

"Rex, you are not such a person. Why do you learn to threaten others now?"

Holley stamped her feet, annoyed.

Rex gave a bland smile and said, "Holley, you don't know me well. I'm just a man who is good at threatening. I just didn't want to threaten you in the past, and you've always been obedient. But now, you are not obedient anymore. "

"Mr. Yan, do you understand what I mean? I don't want you to risk your life for my sake."

Holley was not a fool. She knew why Rex treated her like this.

"You know, I have a crush on Ron, but I can't give you anything."

Holley didn't have the heart to say no loudly to people like Rex.

Because that man was so nice.

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