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   Chapter 388 The Skill Of Molesting A Man (4)

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Ron couldn't bear to push her. He was afraid that he might hurt her with a little more strength.

But in the end, Ron slowly withdrew his hands from the girl's tightly clenched hands.

He withdrew not only his hand, but also all the hopes of Holley.

"Don't say anything about this thing."

That man still appeared in front of Holley in a state that Holley couldn't see through.

No matter what happened between them.

Holley never understood what he was thinking.

Looking at the man, Holley squinted and saw a piece of glass on the desk.

She grabbed the glass fragment before the man came to his senses.

The sharp glass pieces cut through Holley's hand.

She felt a little pain from her hand to her heart.

But she didn't stop because of the pain. She raised the piece of glass and pointed it at her neck. "Ron, answer me again."

This little woman's action made Ron lose his manner unprecedentedly.

If it was someone else, he either ignored it or grabbed it directly.

But he didn't know what he should do when Holley did it.

He was afraid that if he was not careful, the broken glass would really hurt the girl.

"There is no point in asking such a question."

Closing his eyes slightly, he uttered these words after taking a deep breath.

He could only be so cruel to Holley.

If Holley kept asking him, all his bottom line and his defensive line would collapse.

He would tell her everything.

But what could she do if she knew?

In addition to pain, there could only be endless waiting for her. And the outcome was likely to be unfortunate.

Holley stopped asking him.

She had threatened him with her own life, but Ron insisted on resigning himself to fate and said that this question didn't make any sense.

What could she do?

After throwing away the piece of glass, Holley shook her head.

She really didn't understand what on earth had imprisoned the man's steps, and shackl

my wounds just now. Don't you want to tell me that you don't care about me?"

Ron shook his head again. "I refuse to answer such a question. That's my private problem. You are my boss in the company and I should obey you, But all I have to do is obey you about my work."

After saying that, he paused and his mood softened a little, "Have a good rest. Don't think too much. The design department will be in trouble. I need your help then."

That man was right.

As Joyce was kicked out of the company, it was Ron's decision.

The employees believed Ron was going to take revenge on those unfaithful people in the design department.

Whether Ron intends to do it or not, those who had betrayed the company a long time ago would rather believe Ron had such an intention.

So they were likely to be fired.

So they're likely to make a scene in the company before being fired.

According to Ron's plan, the whole design department would be in a mess because of Jay.

"I'll pay more attention to the design department. But I'm your superior and I can molest you when I am free. To be honest, I have been considering whether I should use my power to abuse you or not."

Holley said with a smile.

Somehow, Ron was flustered. The girl always seems to remember to molest him.

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