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   Chapter 387 The Skill Of Molesting A Man (3)

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Ron was extremely cowardly the whole day.

His heart was lightened by Holley's smile. All the things she had done made him be powerless to resist. He could not help but accept all her requests.

Ron couldn't refuse that piece of meat.

He couldn't refuse her when she was about to feed him.

At last, he made up his mind to use two rooms separately with Holley.

Since he had made up his mind, he told that woman his idea.

Hearing what Ron said, Holley was annoyed and shouted at him, "Ron, tell me again!"

"You asked me to choice to work with you in the same office or in separate rooms. I've made up my mind. I want to work with you in separate room."

Ron repeated it again.

Holley snorted and said, "You are so bold, Ron. I'm your boss. It's up to me whether we should work in the same office or separate from each other. I told you to choose just to give you face, in case you feel embarrassed. Do you really dare to choose? Let me tell you. We have to work in the same office. I work here and you go there."

As she said, she pointed to the desk not far away.


Ron wanted to stress their relationship, but Holley didn't give him a chance. "I'm the boss. I have the final say."

Oppressed by the Holley's power, Ron did not hesitate to follow his heart.

When they went to work in the afternoon, he still shared the same office with Holley.

The first thing he did at work was to call Jay and ask him to go upstairs.

Everyone thought that the reason why the president called Jay to the office was to scold him hard and then made him get out of the company.

Joyce wished it would happen much more.

However, everything backfired.

After being called to talk for more than half an hour, he returned to the design department unscathed. There was even a news that the president gave Jay a pay rise.

Ron didn't kick Jay out of the company, nor did he fall out with Holley.

It was so weird that he gave them special treatment.

After a while, Ron used his

ut hesitation.

He completely trapped the little woman under his body.

He wouldn't let her get hurt as long as he was with her.

And the glass stabbed on his back very deep because of the effect of inertia.

But his heart had already been hurt by the tears of the little woman's eyes. It was so painful that he had lost the ability to feel other pains.

'Girl. Don't cry, it's all my fault, but don't cry.

I'm working hard. If I fail, please live happily.'

"Didn't you resign yourself to your fate? Now why are you care about me? Whether I'm good or bad, it's none of your business."

Holley bit her lips and asked word by word.

Ron slowly let go of her hand on the ground and said, "A day together as couple means endless devotion to each other. I may be able to turn a blind eye to a stranger, but to you, I can't."

"Why do you have to resign yourself to fate if you can't do it? Tell me, why do you resign yourself to fate?"

Holley grabbed the man's hand.

"Don't resign yourself to fate. Promise me, don't accept your fate."

She didn't want to cry, but tears fell down one by one.

Ron didn't answer.

It took him all of his strength to say that he had resign himself to fate.

He could not think it through and repeated it.

But he knew clearly that he couldn't give her the hope as she wished!

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