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   Chapter 386 The Skill Of Molesting A Man (2)

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Holley thanked Jay simply but she didn't mention Teresa.

There was still a huge gap between the Zhong family and the Lei family.

What's more, it had nothing to do with Jay. If he got involved, he would be set up.

So Holley's attitude was indifferent.

Jay also found that Holley seemed not to be willing to know what was wrong with Teresa.

He sighed silently in his heart. If Holley was not willing to watch out Teresa, it was useless for him to say anything more.

If he talked too much, it would only make Holley hate him.

So Jay chose to shut his mouth, but he had already made up his mind to protect Holley secretly.

After leaving the President's Office and walking back to the design department, Jay found that everyone looked at him with a strange expression in their eyes.

He hadn't figured out what had happened yet.

It was not until he returned to his office and opened the company's internal network that he saw the video posted by Joyce.

She even had a way to record the video that he was chatting with Holley in the President's Office just now.

But it wasn't the most important thing, the most important thing was that his words had been taken out of context by Joyce. She just intercepted the video where Jay said he came to find Holley when Ron was away and put it on the internal network.

Although there was a saying a clean hand wanted no washing.

Jay knew that he was in a dilemma.

He said nothing, which made him look guilty and more suspicious.

But if he explained it, it would give people the impression that a guilty person gave himself away by consciously protesting his innocence.

He had no choice but to send a message to Holley, which meant that he didn't want to get involved in her marriage.

Before Ron went back to the company, he overheard the discussions of his colleagues on the way.

It was said that Mrs. Holley and Mr. Ron's cousin who was appointed the design director directly had an affair. It was said that Mrs. Holley cheated on Mr. Ron.

Hearing such discussions, Ron became jealousy.

the great friendship between his grandpa and Jay's grandpa.

"I just said thanks to him and told him not to think too much."

Holley replied confidently.

Ron gave a thumbs up in approval.

After praising the little woman, he picked up the phone and intended to deal with the matter of the video.

Looking at the man's hand fumbling on the mouse and the phone, Holley couldn't bear it anymore. She ordered in the tone of a boss, "Ron, eat first."


After hesitating for a while, Ron chose to listen to the little woman.

They didn't sit together to eat this dinner as before.

For several times, Ron even wanted to feed Holley some meat. He raised his hand but finally put it down.

"What's wrong with you? Do you have a poor appetite? Why did you eat so little?"

Holley was observing that man and found that he ate less than a cat. So she curled her lips with dislike and picked up a piece of meat, "Be good, open your mouth and I will feed you."

Ron couldn't refuse her at all, but he knew that if he was a man, he should refuse her and he should not let the past affect the little woman's future.

"Holley, we..."

"I don't need your reminder. I know we have divorced. But I'm your boss. I said you should be prepared to be molested by your boss!"

Holley smiled and shook the meat in front of Ron's eyes. Apparently, she did it on purpose.

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