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   Chapter 385 The Skill Of Molesting A Man (1)

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After Mrs. Ou left, Roger, who had been taken away by bodyguards earlier, was also released.

Roger came to Holley immediately and asked nervously, "Mrs. Holley, are you okay?"

He had been ordered by Ron to protect Holley.

Ron had saved his life, and Ron's words were decree.

Therefore, he was very concerned about Holley.

"Nothing. I just saw an acquaintance. That old woman was powerful and didn't like to be disturbed. Let's go. We have to go to the company today."

Holley explained what had happened in detail.

But she didn't know the words how she explained were smoothly conveyed to Mrs. Ou.

In the luxury car, Mrs. Ou nodded her head approvingly.

In the Mu's Group.

Ron had no place to go last night, so he could only stay in the company for one night.

But he couldn't sleep at all. He worked overnight but felt that time seemed to be a century.

He was expecting the morning.

Because Holley said that she would still take care of the affairs in company.

So she would come to work.

Even after they signed the divorce agreement, it was still a pleasant thing for Ron to see her.

But it was time to work, there was still no sign of Holley in the office.

He secretly checked the monitor, but he did not find that Holley came to work in the company.

'It would hurt her to be broke up.

Especially it happened on her birthday. Maybe she didn't want to come to company.'

Ron guessed, and he could not help sighing silently.

'Well, it would be better if she did not come, lest it only increase sorrow.'

Ron deceived himself and comforted himself with work, throwing himself unconscious.

In the noon.

When Ron finished the phone meeting and returned to his office, unexpectedly, Holley had already arrived.

"You are late today."

Ron was somewhat angry.

She was really a bad girl. Didn't she know that he would miss her?

How could she be late, and how could she be so late.

How could she appear again after he had been desperate.

"You have think too much. I'm a shareholder, and I'm the biggest one. I can come and work at any time," Holley replied.


"Are you here for a report? Your cousin has gone to buy lunch. Please wait for a moment."

"No, I am not."

Jay answered, "I came here to see you especially when my cousin is away."


Holley frowned.

Jay smiled and explained, "You can rest assured. There is nothing messy, but it is inconvenient for Ron to be here. It's about what happened yesterday. I didn't mean to pour red wine on you. It's because your dress was damaged by someone. There was an explosion that day, and I didn't want to tear down the teacher in public. After all, there was something wrong with the dress, and the designer was to blame, so I didn't say anything. But the dress was really tampered. I guess it's actually Teresa's idea. So I want to tell you this thing and remind you to watch out for her."

There were always many thoughtful people in the Mu's Group.

Such as Jason and Joyce.

The last report did not let her leave that remote place.

This time, Joyce found evidence again. She sent a message to Ron, telling him that Jay specially went to see Holley when he was not in the company.

To get what she wanted this time, she didn't give any chance for Jay and Holley to explain it. She recorded the video directly and uploaded it to the company's Intranet.

All of a sudden, the Mu's Group was in a tumult. The rumor had it that the relationship between Mrs. Holley and the president's cousin was unclear.

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