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   Chapter 380 All I Can Give You Was Money (2)

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Holley's writing style is just like her.

When to get a divorce certificate depends on my mood."


Ron agreed to anything Holley asked, no matter whether it was excessive or not.

Because he loved her, so he spoiled her.

After Ron signed the divorce agreement, he looked at his little woman and their home sadly.

Their home was broken up in this way.

A place full of tease and laughter was not Ron's home anymore.

Considering Holley's character, she may not live here anymore.

Ron sighed, but didn't say anything. He was just staring at his little woman.

Maybe it was the last time he saw her, and then she would not his wife.

With the last bit of regret in his heart, Ron said in a deep voice, "Take care of yourself."

"Don't let me know that you have intimate relations with Teresa. Otherwise, I will not spare you."

They were not like a divorced couple, but like a couple who were about to separate.

Even if they maintained such an atmosphere, the fact that the divorce agreement had been signed could not be changed.

Then Ron left.

Holley sat alone on the sofa in the living room.

She sat there for a long time, almost turning herself into a dead wood. Then she slowly stood up.

Her hair was in a mess and her suit was not suitable for her to work.

She thought that she should change to another appearance to welcome the life.

After all, no one could take her man away.

Holley put on a white blouse and a pair of long jeans, putting her hair up high on the ponytail. Then she picked up her handbag, phone, car key and the dress and then left home.

It was getting darker outside.

Most of people had their own difficulties who went on a long journey in late night.

Before Holley started the car, she sent a message to Zoey, asking Zoey and Moore to have a meeting.

Now, the first person she needed to see was not Moore and Zoey, but Fabian.

When Fabian returned home, he wanted to talk about canceling the engagement to his grandma.

But M

dn't pass by the explosion point. Now, the problem was who had buried the bomb and who on earth was the person trying to hurt? I think, I may be the target, or I may not be. What if the target was Teresa? What if the target is you? Or by the time your grandma or Mr. Lei give you the red envelopes?"

"I just feel that everything will be too dangerous if the murderer isn't found out. I don't want the same thing to happen on the wedding of Mr. Ron and Teresa. Even if I don't have the chance to be with the one I love in my life, I still wish him good."

What Holley said before was logical.

The last sentence, however, was a lie.

But she had to say a lie to Fabian.

Only in this way could she unite with Fabian and use his power to find out the truth.

If they do, the truth will come out.

The mastermind of the explosion was actually Teresa.

She would be sent to prison by a lawyer.

According to the law of N City, no one who was in jail was allowed to establish a marriage relationship or terminate it.

As long as Teresa could be proved guilty, then Ron didn't have to marry her.

As time went on, maybe he would not be bothered anymore.

'Ron, I hope my feelings are not wrong. You love me, and you are forced to marry Teresa.

Please don't let me down if you still defend Teresa even if I have the evidence.

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