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   Chapter 379 All I Can Give You Was Money (1)

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Holley's hands were no longer shaking.

However, her eyes were full of despair.

Because she understood that it was not a joke.

And she could feel clearly that the man had made up his mind to divorce.


After all, she could no longer deceive herself to avoid it. She still had to ask a reason.

Ron lowered his head.

He wanted to tell the truth to his little woman, and in fact, he should tell the truth.

At least she would not be too sad when she knew the truth.

At least, she wouldn't think that Ron was a betrayer of their love again.

But he was not allowed to speak out the truest reason.

This was exactly what Young Master Lei asked him to do and that was what Ron had to follow.

He had to bow his head because Holley's grandma was caught by Young Master Lei.

After all, it was his fault. He didn't take good care of Holley's grandma.

Since divorcing Holley was an inevitable thing, since it would always hurt, then short pain was better than long pain.

Ron said, "Teresa saved me. I owe her life. She wanted nothing but to be my wife."

"So you are going to repay her like this?"

Holley raised her head with tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe what she had heard.

"Ron, as you had said, how she wants you to repay her is one thing and how you repay her is another."

"Ron, we all know why the explosion happened. Teresa is the chief plotter."

"Ron, tell me again. Are you going to marry Teresa?"

There were tears rolling in the eyes of the little woman, but she restrained them. She did not let the tears fall, but seriously looked at the man beside her.

Ron nodded, "Yes, I'm sure."


Holley shook her head and asked, "How can you do that? No..."

She shook her head repeatedly. "No, it's not true. You have your own difficulties, right? You tell me that you have your own difficulties."

She keenly perceived something.

But Ro

nt, you must move out of our house as soon as possible. And you are not allowed to wear any clothes."


The final condition that he was not allowed to wear any clothes was a little too harsh.

After all, he was a man. He couldn't go streaking, could he?

"You want to go with nothing. Is it the way to go without nothing?"

Then Holley looked at the man with a cunning smile. Then Ron said, "Just keep one suit on me. I will give Roger to you and let him protect you all the time."

"No, thanks."

Holley refused, "Let him protect you. I believe those who wish you to die won't fewer than those who wish me to die."

"Don't argue with me over this. I said I'll leave him to you, and then I'll leave him to you. Otherwise I will go without anything now!"

He was still the same man, bossy and spoiled Holley.

"Fine, go to get the divorce agreement."

Holley replied directly.

She did not intend to give up Ron. But since she had to sign the divorce agreement, then she just did it.

However, it didn't mean that she hadn't thought about how to prevent Ron from marrying Teresa.

'Ron, just wait. Don't let me know what difficulties you have this time, or I will beat you to death. You bastard who hides everything from me.' Holley thought.

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