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   Chapter 378 A Roller-Coaster Like Life (6)

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Ron also knew that Young Master Lei could not do anything to him if he refused to divorce Holley.

But Young Master Lei dared to do something to Holley's grandmother.

For Holley, her grandmother was an old lady worthy of respect and love who had been living with her since she was a child. Her grandma raised her up and supported her to go to school.

Back then, he had arranged grandma to go abroad under the pretext of her death which was just a temporary measure to keep her out of the fighting and prevent her from being hurt. After all, she was Holley's closest kinfolk.

It was a decision that he made based on his deep love for Holley.

Four years later, his love for Holley increased, even deeper.

He couldn't just leave her grandma alone, leaving Holley sad.

Ron stood up slowly, and said coldly, "Remember, if there's something wrong with Holley's grandma, I will destroy the Lei family at all costs."

Young Master Lei laughed after Ron left.

Although Ron didn't say anything, but his words had indirectly indicated his attitude.

Ron agreed to get divorced and would sign the divorce papers in accordance with his requirements.

'You love Holley so much, Ron, I couldn't bear to see that.

If only Holley were my sister or Teresa was the one you loved so much, that would be great.'

Young Master Lei thought and signed. Young Master Lei closed his eyes and lit a cigar.

All affectionate people deserve respect.

No matter how affectionate a person was, he couldn't escape from the God's arrangement.

It was already dark outside. When Ron drove to the downstairs of the villa, he didn't go upstairs.

For the first time, he stepped back their home in fear; for the first time, his steps to home became so heavy, and his legs were as heavy as lead.

But He needed to go home.

And he needed to mention that he would divorce Holley.

He couldn't tell her the truth for her grandma's safety. He just could tell Holley that he wanted to repay Teresa for

t to go upstairs.


Ron caught up with her and grabbed her wrist.

"After I leave with nothing, I will give you one hundred million alimony every year."

Only then did Ron found that he was really poor at this moment. Except for money, he could give nothing to Holley.

Holley trembled and shook her head. She couldn't accept such a thing. "No. I don't want the money. I just want you. You told me that my wish would come true early in the morning when I made a wish. Do you know what my wish is?"

Holley said in an aggrieved tone, and tears fell down from the corner of her eyes. "Ron. You know, my birthday wish is about us. I want all of us to be good. You know it, so you tell me my wish will come true one day."

She cried so sadly that her voice was choked with sobs.

Ron's heart ached.

Why didn't he want to wait for a long time? But he really couldn't wait any longer.

He couldn't let Holley continue to say, or else his choice would change.

Once he changed his choice, he would hurt her grandma and even hurt Holley.

He made a cruel decision

"I have made up my mind. I must divorce you today."

He was determined to tell Holley these words.

Holley's hands trembled slightly. "Enough, it was enough, this joke is too big. You needn't do this anymore."

"No. It's not a joke..."

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