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   Chapter 377 A Roller-Coaster Like Life (5)

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Holley thought, 'I'm just pretending to be asleep and I don't interrupt your work.' So when she went home, she went to bed directly.

Ron knew her well and knew that she was pretending to be asleep. He called her several times, but she didn't give him any response. Then He understood what she was thinking.

She didn't want to stand in his way because it was her birthday

He also didn't want such an accident to happen.

But those who are mad can do it to a sick and frail old woman.

They were so...

Ron took a deep look at the little woman who was pretending to be asleep, and swore secretly in his heart that he would not let her down.

Then he turned around and left in a hurry.

He would try every means to find the old woman.

As soon as Ron left, Holley opened her eyes. She jumped off the bed quickly and ran to the window without even putting on her shoes.

Looking at the man's back, Holley whispered, "My birthday wish is that both of us are fine. So, everything will be fine, right?"

Ron mobilized his social connection and finally found some useful clues in the afternoon.

To his surprise and anger, the murderer belonged to the Lei family.

More surprisingly, it was Young Master Lei who personally led people to kidnap the old woman.

Ron took out his gun and wiped it carefully.

It had been a long time since he shot last time, but today

He went to see Young Master Lei angrily with the gun full of bullets.

Young Master Lei didn't avoid meeting him, instead, he saw him quite happily.

"We are old friends. Have a seat."

Young Master Lei was very hospitable and polite. He smiled faintly at the sight of the killing intent on Ron's face.

"Ron, we are all old acquaintances. You don't have to be so angry."

After a pause, he continued, "But your reaction makes me more certain that I didn't capture the wrong person."

He stood up with a smile and pulled Ron to sit down.

However, Ron didn't appreciate it at all. He pushed away Young Master Lei'

y weakness was Holley.

"By the way, you can only tell Holley one reason for your divorce. That is you want to marry Teresa because you thanked her for saving your life. As for other things, you can't tell her. Otherwise, her grandma will suffer a lot. Besides, it was impossible to get the divorce certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau today, but you had to sign the divorce agreement today. Mr. Ron, you have to be at the hospital by eleven o 'clock today, in my sister's room with her. If you can't, you know what I will do."

Young Master Lei said decisively with a resolute expression.

"Do you need me to tell you what your sister has done?"

"Holley's car accident, her dress..."

Young Master Lei gestured him to stop before Ron finished his words. "It doesn't matter. What matters is that the evidence doesn't threaten my sister to be sentenced by law. Morally, you are an ungrateful person and sentence the one who saved you."

The most important thing is that I have Holley's grandmother in my hands, and I am kind enough. It's 5:18 now. I left you two for several hours to say goodbye!"

Young Master Lei said with a tough attitude, "Ron, you may not divorce Holley. In fact, if you don't get a divorce, neither of us can do anything to you and Holley, but her grandma is too old to bear the torture and torment."

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