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   Chapter 376 A Roller-Coaster Like Life (4)

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From the moment of losing, Mrs. Lan knew that she had underestimated Patrick.

But this was the truth that the winner was the king.

She could only bear it. This was the punishment of fate to her for betraying her marriage, betraying the family, and abandoning her children.

Even though she was beaten, and her body hurt to the extreme, she was unwilling to say a word.

She was fighting against the impulse of Patrick with a negative attitude.

She thought her reaction would make the man feel bored. Then everything would be over.

However, she knew nothing about Patrick. For all these years, she had been with the man who had worn a fake mask.

She had no idea how vicious the real Patrick was!

Almost beyond recognition, Mrs. Lan was beaten. Patrick took good care of his fists and wiped them clean repeatedly with a handkerchief. After that, he stared at the woman who fell on the ground. "Don't expect the punishment to be over. Those who betrayed me will live the rest of their lives in misery instead of death. "

Then he waved his hand to indicate his subordinates and said, "go and ask Miss Lan to come here."


Mrs. Lan was moved. She knew that was her daughter.

"No, it's me who wanted to kill you. Don't involve my daughter."

She reached out to catch the trouser legs of Patrick, as if clutching at a life-saving straw. However, the man gave her a cold kick.

"Bella. Now, she is my little princess. But if she is related to the person who attempted to murder me, she will become a prisoner soon. So think about how to behave. "

The vicious voice of Patrick came, making Mrs. Lan's heart throb painfully.

Only then did she realize that the man slapped her in full face was not only to vent his anger. He didn't want her daughter to recognize her, but why? What did he want to do?

There was a slight movement in Mrs. Lan's lips.

Before she could ask why, she saw the door open. Bella walked in, accompanied by a servant.

Patrick was right, and he indeed treated Bella as a little princes

on returned to the cafe, his face looking fatigued.

A tinge of helplessness could be seen in his smile.

Things didn't go well?

"I'm a little sleepy. I want to go home," Holley said.

"We will celebrate your birthday happily. Why do you still want to sleep?"

Ron shook his head and sighed, "No. hold on."

"No, I just want to sleep."

As she insisted, Ron said nothing but drove her home.

In the hospital.

Young Master Lei ran to his sister with excitement.

"Hi, girl. I have a good news for you."

"What?" Teresa's gaunt face was full of vigor and vitality.

"Did you get anything?" Teresa was clever enough to figure out everything.

She excitedly asked again, "will it be soon enough to separate Holley and Ron?"

"That's right."

Young Master Lei made a gesture of relief to his sister and said, "take care of yourself. Don't be so sad. I will help you handle the rest. "

"Brother, you are so kind."

Teresa was indeed much happier. "It would be better if we could break them up today. After all, today was Holley's birthday. We should give her an unforgettable birthday. "

"That's exactly what I'm thinking about!"

Young Master Lei had his own plan. Although he would be a little cruel to do so in other people's birthday, he must make sure that Ron and Holley wouldn't have a chance to come back to be together.

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