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   Chapter 370 Don't Be A Substitute (4)

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Watching Fabian and Holley walk far away.

Young Master Lei turned around and quickly walked into the ward.

Young Master Lei couldn't help sighing when he saw his sister lie there in a daze once again.

"My silly sister, you still have a brother."

Young Master Lei patted his sister's hand lovingly and said, "I have good news for you. Do you want to know?"

Teresa opened her eyes and pouted with disappointment, "Brother, you know what? I don't want to hear any good news. For me, it won't be good news unless you find a way to successfully separate Holley and Ron. "

Young Master Lei smiled quite happily. "That's all right, because your brother has found a way to successfully separate them. I found a person, and that person will soon fall into the hands of our Lei family. When we get this person, I promise that they will get a divorce. "


Teresa's eyes were filled with joy. "Brother, who is that person that has such power?"

"Keep it a secret and you'll know it soon."

Young Master Lei said confidently.

In fact, he was grateful to God. If he hadn't found the person, it would have been difficult to get Ron and Holley divorced.

But he had no other choice, because Holley's powerful background had something to do with the big shot.

If he could marry Holley, then the Lei family would have a firm foothold.

That was why Young Master Lei had tried his best to destroy the relationship between his sister and Holley.

Only when Ron and Holley got divorced and Ron got married with someone else, could the couple be regarded as real breaking up.

Although he was cruel and heartless, at least his sister would be happy. It was worth it.

"Brother, go break them up. I want to marry Ron. I will make Holley unable to be with him forever."

Young Master Lei nodded happily. "Don't worry. It's your brother's business to tear them apart and break off the engagement. Your task is to take good care of yourself and be the most beautiful bride."

Ten minutes later, Fabian brought the egg tart back to the ward.


Holley asked with a smile.

"Yes, I do. I will bring myself to you."

"No, thanks."

Holley rejected with disgust and pretended to put it aside.

Ron raised his hand to stop her and said, "I have given myself to you. Don't even think about refusing me!"

"I'm serious. Do you have any other gifts?"

"We'll know it tomorrow."

Ron gave her a meaningful smile. He put her on his shoulder and got on the car, "but before tomorrow we celebrate your birthday, we have to work overtime tonight."

Holley thought he would kiss her or say something sweet.

She didn't expect that such a bad man would say that he had to work overtime.

"Isn't there birthday benefit in our company? You can have a day off on your birthday. "

Holley smiled, "Can I quit working?"

"No way."

Ron refused firmly, "the birthday is a day off on your birthday. You have to work overtime today. Moreover, as the special assistant of the president, how can I leave you when I'm working overtime? "

"Come on. It's approaching my birthday. I have to work overtime,"

Holley pursed, but nodded with a smile. "Well, let's go. The business of our company is very important. Otherwise, it can't be operated normally without any more trouble. "

Her words pleased Ron.

He was not that kind of man who took her to work on her birthday.

He wanted to give her a surprise.

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