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   Chapter 366 Because Of Love, He Would Rather Be The Bad Guy (6)

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6666

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Fortunately, Teresa has developed her skills since she was a child

In good physical condition, it was past 3 o'clock in the next morning for Teresa to wake up.

The doctor had estimated that she wouldn't wake up until seven o'clock in the morning. But she woke up four hours early.

When she woke up, Mr. Lei and Young Master Lei were completely relieved.

In front of the bed, Mr. Lei took care of his niece who he treated as his daughter with great concern.

Young Master Lei personally invited the most authoritative doctor in the hospital.

Fortunately, Teresa was all right. The previous explosion did not harm her internal organs, except the physical injuries on her body.

Mr. Lei and Young Master Lei were sure that Teresa was fine.

Then they sat on the bedside seriously and said, "Teresa, we want to know your opinion on one thing."

Teresa was still very weak. Seeing that her uncle and brother were so serious, she could not help but become nervous.

Unconsciously, she struggled to get up and wanted to talk to them.

Young Master Lei immediately waved his hand, indicating that his sister would be fooled.

"Uncle, brother, you are so serious."

Teresa forced a smile and said, "You may ask me. I won't hide anything from you."

"Silly girl, we are a family. We just want to know who do you really like. Fabian or Ron?"

Mr. Lei found that her niece misunderstood him, so he explained and directly put forward the question.

This question was easy for Teresa to answer.

Of course, it was Fabian that Teresa loved.

Ron was just an obsession of hers.

Lying on the bed, Teresa looked around. She looked around again and again, and finally confirmed that there were only her uncle and brother in the VIP ward. She was a little disappointed.

She slightly lowered her head and whispered, "Where are they?"

"Whom do you want to know?"

Young Master Lei had no idea what his sister meant.

Raising her head, Teresa looked at her brother and

in the hospital.

What about her?

'She always say that she are a good friend. Why don't she want to see me in the hospital?

'Holley, are you forcing me?

I really don't want to do so many bad things!'

Closing her eyes slightly, Teresa didn't want to answer that question now. "Uncle, brother, let me think about it again."

"No problem. As long as you has an idea, I and your brother will help you realize it. Good girl, rest well."

Mr. Lei spoiled his niece a lot.

He sighed, stood up and winked at his son. Then Young Master Lei followed him out of the ward.

"Tell Fabian that Fabian has woken up. And tell Mr. Ron tomorrow afternoon."

Mr. Lei was biased in favor of Fabian, so that's why he had informed them in such a different time.

Young Master Lei agreed.

Because he knew clearly that Ron disliked his sister.

If Ron came to the hospital so quickly, it would only hurt her sister.

Now what he should do was to ensure his sister have a good mood and take good care of herself.

Moreover, she hadn't made her choice yet.

If his sister's choice was Fabian, it would be too disgraceful for him to tear Mr. Ron and Holley apart as much as he could now.

Thinking of this, he nodded to show his approval. Then he directly put into practice and told Fabian that Teresa had woken up.

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