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   Chapter 363 Because Of Love, He Would Rather Be The Bad Guy (3)

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In the villa of the Yan family.

When Holley entered the villa with Rex, she saw an old man in Chinese robe watering flowers in the garden.

Then Rex waved his hand to him and said, "Grandpa, I've brought the person you want to see back."

Old Master Yan was in good health.

Hearing this, he looked back at his grandson, smiling, and then looked at Holley.

But when he took a glance at Holley, he loosened his hand and smashed the watering pot on the ground.


Rex rushed to him and held him, "Are you okay?"

Just like what Rex introduced on the way, Old Master Yan was a kind gentleman with a good temper.

He smiled and waved his hand, "I'm fine. It's so hot. I felt a little dizzy and rushed back just now."

As he said, he looked at Holley and said, "Don't neglect the guests. Ask someone to invite Miss Holley to living room in a hurry."

Old Master Yan held Rex in his arms all the time.

It was clear that he didn't want to ask Rex to send Holley to the living room in person.

A smart servant came over and politely invited Holley to the living room.

Holley nodded. When she walked past Rex, she reminded him, "Don't be so rash. Please take good care of your grandfather and don't worry about me. I'll go inside alone and enjoy the cool air."

She meant well, so she made a joke with him to tell him not to feel snubbed.

Rex understood what Holley meant and nodded to show thanks.

Until Holley entered the living room, Old Master Yan's hands loosed which had grabbed his grandson's hand tightly just now.

"Is she Holley you are talking about?"

Old Master Yan's voice became hoarse.

He looked at Holley as if he had seen a ghost.

Rex could not help but get nervous. He nodded seriously, "She was the orphan left by Mr. Ye and Mrs. Ye."

"It's impossible!"

Old Master Yan shook his head, but his tone was sure of it.

He didn't think Holley was the daughter of Mr. Ye and Mrs. Ye.


andfather and said, "I distanced myself from her bit by bit and finally cut off contact with her."

"Okay, grandpa won't embarrass you."

The old man was unable to change his grandson's mind. He knew that Rex liked Holley, so he made a compromise at last.

It was late at night in N City.

But many people did not sleep.

In the hospital.

Young Master Lei was awake, so was Ron.

The doctors, nurses and Fabian in the operating room were still awake.

Even Mr. Lei left everything behind and rushed to the hospital.

However, the operation on Teresa had lasted for a whole day. It had been late night, but it seemed that the operation would not end.

Dark clouds gathered, and there were no stars in the sky. Only the light above the door of the operating room was flashing with a weak light. It was so irritating.

The light was off, which made everyone nervous.

Was everything okay? Did the operation end? Or was there anything else?

Finally, the door of the operating room was pushed open.

Mr. Lei and Young Master Lei gathered round the doctor at once.

Tired as he was, the doctor nodded at them and told them the result, "The surgery is successful. The patient has a good physique and a strong desire for life. With the help of doctor Ou, her life is out of danger."

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