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   Chapter 362 Because Of Love, He Would Rather Be The Bad Guy (2)

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Updated: 2020-03-22 00:13

Rex didn't really want the shares of Mu's Group. He just said that because he would rather be the bad guy.

Holley was dumbfounded by his words.

After all, the shares were owned by the Mu family. Even though the shares are in his name, she couldn't decide on her own to give out such a large amount of shares.

Seeing that Holley did not express her position, Rex pretended to be dissatisfied and shook his head, "You are unkind. I have done two things for you all at once, and you only give me one share. You have already taken a big advantage, but you're still holding out. You have gone too far!"

"But I'm not the owner of the shares, I can't decide on my own."

Holley said, "Do you want anything else? Didn't you just say that the last thing you need is money?"

"Of course I have enough money, but who can't go against the money?"

Rex put up his hand with a smile and said, "Well, I won't embarrass you. For the sake that we are familiar with each other, I will give you time to go back and discuss with Ron. Then you will transfer ten percent of shares to me. You know me well. I will seek revenge for the smallest grievance. So without the ten percent shares, I will get them back from somewhere else, double or three times the original shares. I'm afraid that the Mu's Group can't take such a risk now, right?"

Holley was convinced completely, "Well, what you said is right. But now let's talk about the clues. If we can't prove that what you said is true, I won't make the deal with you."

"That's easy."

Rex came here because he was prepared.

He put a thick stack of photos in front of Holley and said, "Have a look."

As Holley flipped through the photos one by one, the more she looked back, the more upset she got.

Rex had found that Bella appeared in the video in the banquet hall, so he took some screenshot of the images of her printed out these photos.

In the photo, Holley clearly saw that Bella set off the explosion.

When she set off the explosion, her eyes were full of hatred.

She was desperate to tear Holley into pieces.

"The hotel held for the engagement party is the one owned by the Mu's Group. It was picked up by the Lei family and t

k you for helping me, Rex."

Holley was smart enough to debunk Rex's lie.

Rex smiled in embarrassment, "It's not like what you think. 10% shares are equal to invest. I invested Ron and believe he has potential. If I lose, it only proves that I'm unlucky."

Holley felt much better by chatting with Rex.

If she wanted to get more direct evidence, she had to look at those pictures carefully.

Holley looked through the photos one by one, and then took out a photo, in which Bella had fled from the hotel.

Pointing at the car outside the hotel, Holley asked Rex, "Do you know who is waiting for Bella? The owner of this car should not be the Craig, nor the one of Lan family."


Rex took the photo with great interest. After observing it for a while, he nodded, "You are right. Mr. Lan was attending his own engagement ceremony. It is impossible that he was the one who drove to wait for Bella. What Bella had done today offended the Ou family. The Lan family must be crazy if they drive their car with their family badges on it. Holley, are you suspecting that the driver might be a confidant of Bella or a trusted follower of Teresa? In order to find someone to take the blame for what happened after the explosion, Teresa fooled Bella to use the car of the Lan family."

"It's possible."

Holley didn't know whether her assumption was right or not.

There's no doubt that the driver who came to pick Bella up wants to murder Holley.

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