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   Chapter 356 Being False Of Heart In The Engagement Party (1)

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The engagement party of Fabian and Teresa went on as scheduled.

The banquet hall was almost full of people invited to attend the engagement ceremony due to the power of the Lei family and the Ou family.

Many people, especially from other cities, came to N City for their engagement banquet.

Compared with them, the engagement party of Craig and Hannah was quite desolate.

The Lan family and the Gu family were also powerful families.

They had booked the whole banquet hall, but the guests were mostly absent. Not even two tables were full.

It made the Lan family and the Gu family embarrassed.

Hannah had suffered a lot in her family. Now her engagement party was more desolate than Teresa's.

She hated Holley, Teresa and everyone.

Although it was an engagement, and she had found a perfect match, she was still not happy.

Craig wasn't just unhappy

For him, it was a humiliation to his dignity as a man, with so few people participating in his engagement.

'I, Craig, will represent the Lan family to seek justice for our family.' Craig swore to himself.

In the dressing room of the backstage of the hotel.

Teresa and Holley had already put on the engagement dresses. They sat in front of the dresser and let the dresser help them put on makeup.

Sitting there, Teresa held the hand of Holley with a smile, "Holle, thank you so much for coming here. When I get married, I want you to be my only bridesmaid. I don't want any bridesmaid except you."

"Okay. Teresa, I wish you and Fabian a long and happy life together!"

Holley said sincerely.

The corners of Teresa's mouth were slightly stiff.

She could act well in front of Holley.

But she couldn't accept Holley's wish that she thought it was false.

"That's all you want to say now. What will you wish me when I get married?"

Teresa showed her disapproval in an indirect way.

Holley was touched by the atmosphere of the engagement banquet. Moreover, she did not have other thoughts. Everything had

have run away today. Don't ever give me bad ideas again. I'll ask you to drink with me and you should just do it."

Fabian said these on purpose.

His point was the last sentence.

As a worldly wise man, of course Ron knew what Fabian wanted to say. He raised the corners of his mouth and said, "Fabian, you really think too much. The Lei family will bend to you and your wife will not run away as long as your grandmother is alive and your family is not defeated."

Fabian was speechless.

But he still couldn't concede.

All of a sudden, Fabian found that before he was in love, he could always make Mr. Ron speechless no matter what happened.

But now, everything was reversed.

'This was the power of love.'

Fabian thought but he still had no idea to refute Ron.

When he was about to admit defeat, he heard the bell ringing in the hall.

The bell rang at 9 o'clock, which was the time for the confirmation of his engagement ceremony with Teresa.

According to the calendar, it was the best time to hold the ceremony at 9 o'clock. After the engagement ceremony, the couple would be obedient to each other, and the couple would love each other till death.

Getting a perfect excuse to end the fight, Fabian adjusted his suit and said, "The ceremony is about to begin. We should go to the banquet hall now. "

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