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   Chapter 355 he deserves it

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Fabian felt a little regretful.

He shouldn't have drunk so much wine, or he wouldn't have missed such an important thing.

Feeling Teresa's anxiety, Fabian quickly regained his composure, "Teresa, uncle lives on the sea all the year round. It is good for him to tiger bone wine to strengthen his body. So I asked someone to bring several bottles of the authentic tiger bone wine, thinking about giving it to uncle on this occasion of banquet."

"Then you..."

Teresa could not accept such an explanation.

She wanted to ask him what kind of reason that was. 'Can't he keep an appointment on time just because he's preparing a gift?'

Fabian knew that he was in the wrong. He also guessed that Teresa's uncle and brother must be beside her or she wouldn't have called him.

If he said the truth, Teresa's family would be heartbroken.

"Teresa, I've been waiting for the wine. I wanted to give you a surprise, but I didn't expect it to take so long. The wine will be sent to me in ten minutes. Please help me ask for a half hour leave from my uncle and brother. I will be there on time in half an hour. "

Then, he said something nice to her and hung up the phone.

After the phone call, Teresa was silent and the atmosphere in the living room became depressed.

In time for some tricky matters to be dealt with in the black market, Mr. Lei left for the time being.

After father left, Mr. Lei came closer to his sister and said, "little sister, something is wrong between you and Evan."

Teresa smiled bitterly.

She was right. There was nothing wrong between her and Fabian. But it didn't matter.

"Brother, I have asked him. He wouldn't admit it. But I know he doesn't love me."

Teresa said sadly. She had loved two men in her life but they all loved the same woman.

It was so ironic to her.

Young Master Lei frowned. "I think Fabian cares about you. I don't see that he cares much about Holley."

He objectively appraised Fabian's love for his sister from the per

arted to reflect on himself.

Anyway, he should show a proper attitude in front of his fiancée.

"Teresa, tomorrow is a very important day in your life, as it is for me. I also need to prepare for it. I'll call Mr. Ron and ask him to bring someone to take the dress."

Fabian really couldn't understand a woman's mind.

He had no idea at all.

Once a woman doubted a man's relationship with another woman. So no matter what the man did was suspicious.

Just like today, Fabian flattered himself that his manner was sincere. However, in her eyes, it was just that Fabian didn't want others to know that he had a crush on Holley, so he avoided it deliberately.

Teresa was almost moved by his words and warm-hearted.

Fabian would prepare delicious tiger bone wine for his uncle, and made a lot of thoughtful arrangements for tomorrow's engagement banquet.

Even during the dinner, he cared about her and added some soup to her bowl.

That's why she gave Vincent a try.

She hoped that those facts were just coincidences and her delusions. He had no other feelings for Holley.

But the result was heartbreaking. She even felt herself ridiculous.

Teresa was speechless, but she was even more determined that everything was as planned at the engagement party tomorrow.

If Holley died, that woman deserved it.

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