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   Chapter 353 You Can't Escape Tonight, Either.

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 7206

Updated: 2020-03-20 00:03

"You are not as kind as your little wife, Ron. Are we still friends?"

Fabian sighed deeply.

He needed to drink wine.

Ron was too calm. He made the right choice for Fabian rationally.

But Fabian didn't want to make that choice tonight.

Fabian went straight to the sofa and sat down, crossing his legs, "Anyway, you can either drink with me tonight or I'll stay here."

Shameless people were always difficult to deal with.

Ron really didn't know how to persuade him anymore.

He had tried his best to persuade Fabian, but Fabian still didn't understand.

Holley looked at Fabian and smiled at him, "Don't worry, doctor. I will help you persuade Mr. Ron. I promise he will drink with you tonight."

"Wow! You're so considerate! I'll wait for you!"

Fabian replied happily.

Ron looked back at his little woman again with cautious eyes.

Holley smiled at Ron and took him aside.

"Don't you see that Fabian is acting shamelessly?"

"I can see that."

Ron shook his head helplessly.

"So, you should promise him first to let him relax his vigilance. And then you take him to Eleanor's bar first. I'll ask Eleanor to mix a cup of wine with knockout drops that will get him drunk after one drink. You can get rid of him when he falls in a faint. By the way, after he falls in a faint, you can ask Eleanor to help you call Teresa and ask her to pick him up. I think it's a good idea to bring them together."

Besides, tonight is a big day for us."

Holley gently touched the ring on her finger.

She raised her hand and matched her ring with Ron's. And then she continued, "You have to know that I have made my choice. You are my only choice, and so am I. I belong to you, so do you. You can't escape tonight, either. Besides, don't philander when you go out drinking. If I discover that you still have other women, I will surely forbid you from being a man all your life."

Holley said shyly but predominantly.

Ron thought what she said was right.

That girl was so smart.

He just needed to send Fabian away. He needn't use such a troublesome way. He had his own way to deal with him.

Ron leaned over and whisp

o I come here."

Teresa didn't look at him. She just looked at the sea and the projection of the moon and stars over the sea.

"Teresa, you haven't fully recovered. You're not allowed to be blown by the wind."

Although Fabian's neck was still hurt, he cared more about Teresa than anyone else.

Without turning around, Teresa just smiled and said, "Can't you be more romantic? You treat me just like a patient. Can't you just be my fiancé to talk about romance with me? Just tell me something about romance. Or, confess to me your inner feelings about our marriage. Such as you and Holley. As you know, our marriage is largely based on the union of our families. The Lei family relies on the power of the Ou family, so even if you care more about others in your heart, I won't have any complaints."

Fabian listened to Teresa quietly and shook his hand, "Teresa, you misunderstood me. I don't have any other feelings for Holley."

"Don't provoke women's sixth sense."

"Teresa, what I said is true. Why don't you believe me?"

Explained Fabian helplessly.

He just didn't understand why Teresa misunderstood that there was anything between him and Holley.

"You just care about her. But you don't dare to admit it. So, let's stop talking about it."

Teresa angrily pushed open the door of the car and she thought she really had nothing to say to Fabian.

Although they got married, she wouldn't have an illusion.

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