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   Chapter 351 Stolen Happiness (6)

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In fact, as long as Holley would like to ask him for help, Then she could leave the office and the company.

Although it was impossible for her to keep away from Ron forever, she could definitely make it in a short time.

She could think of it, so could that man.

But he still locked the door of the office, and did not do anything else to restrict her movement or communication with others.

This was the problem he had given her, and she must make a choice.

"I don't know when his meeting will end. I'll give you a reply when I ask. Or you can just tell me what the chief designer said to you. In fact, I think he should be a famous artist with his own personality. So everything he told you is normal."

Holley said thoughtfully.

Jay nodded her head and said, "Did you hear those strange words, too?"

"Yeah, a little, but I can understand."

Holley and Jay talked in two separate worlds.

They were not talking about the same thing, but they could communicate with each other perfectly.

"Yeah, he also said he was getting old and just talking about it casually. Maybe I think too much. After all, the whole atmosphere of the Mu's Group is not relaxing. Well, I won't bother you anymore."

The phone was hung up, but Holley didn't put it down.

She played with her cell phone repeatedly. Instead of calling Ron, she only sent a message to him.

She couldn't help but ask him what would happen to her if she escaped.

A short message from Ron said, "If you run away, we'll break up for good." I will send you to America for further education."

"Do you have to do this?"

"Yes, Holley, I only accept two choices. One is that you are willing to do it, the other is that you are forced."

"Can't you give me some time to think about it?"

"I was willing to let you think alone before. But I am jealous now, I am not willing to do it. Women needed a sense of security, and men also needed


Holley's choice was partly to be the man's bully, and partly to follow her own heart.

At least, she couldn't really shoot that man.

They had been through so much together. She had seen his sacrifices, and seen that he had risked his life to save her. How could she shoot him?

She dropped the gun and put her arms around the man naturally.

"Ron, I want a candlelight dinner."


"Ron, I want red wine."


"Ron, I want you to say something romantic."


"I want a pair of new rings. Ron, I want a pair of rings right now."


This time, the man said 'Okay' without a doting tone but a firm voice.

He could no longer part with the little woman in his arms. He lifted her to the desk, took out the key and opened the safe.

There was a delicate box in the safe, in which two rings lay quietly.

They were two new rings. The date written on the jewelry identification was exactly the day she was released from prison.

The ring wasn't prepared for other woman by Ron.

The ring was specially prepared for her.

Their names were on the rings, and in the middle of their names were a heart, followed by the words, "Love Beginning When We Meet."

It meant when we met each other, love had always been there.

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