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   Chapter 349 Stolen Happiness (4)

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Holley said sincerely.

She really wanted to ask him why he needed her help to see Jay since he was a senior and enjoyed a high position in the same industry.

But she refrained from it because she thought that all the people who performed the art were quite unique.

"Okay. Please wait for a moment in the company hall. I'll call Jay to see you. "

"Don't bother about it." The designer rejected Holley. "I will wait here. Plagiarism is a taboo to everyone in our business. I heard that Jay's working on a big project. So you should know that. "

It was the first time that Holley had met such a situation.

Maybe he has suffered a lot in the past.

"Okay, I'll pass on your words to Jay. But if he's not in the company or in a meeting, I can't do anything about it."

Holley answered. She was ready to turn around and go back to the company. However, she was stopped again. "Young Mistress, please take a message for me that the old friend of the moboreader project arrives."


Holley promised him crisply, but she couldn't help but snicker in her heart.

Obviously, they knew each other for a long time. Both of them were old friends and they looked mysterious when they met. It was hard to imagine.

The design department was a complex place, and Ron and Holley were planning to do a long-term job and hook big fish.

So she seldom went to the design department.

Moreover, Joyce in the design department had spread the scandal between her and Jay.

When Holley entered the design department, all eyes were on her.

Sitting in the corner, Jason's eyes turned green.

It was a green light filled with ecstasy.

If Holley was here to find Jay, it would be like he found out the evidence that Mrs. Holley betrayed Mr. Ron and dated with Jay in private.

If such evidences were taken out, Jay's power would be weakened greatly even if he was not kicked out of the design department.

It was good fo


So he decided to let Joyce sing the bad news again.

After organizing the video and the photos, he sent them directly to Joyce.

On the other side, Joyce was thrilled to hear the news.

That was a nice surprise.

With these videos and photos, Mr. Ron would be willing to trust her again. At least, he would get her back from this remote place.

She was eager to return to the city.

It was horrible here. She was almost driven mad by mosquitoes.

Without hesitation, Joyce forwarded all these videos and pictures to Ron.

She sent that to the company's e-mail. After that, she also seized the opportunity to call Mr. Ron and told him about it.

However, there was no expression on Ron's face. He just replied lightly, "if you are not sure that the file that you sent is useful, you can completely get out of the Mu's Group."

"President, I swear it is the most convincing and direct evidence."

Joyce confirmed. After hanging up the phone, Ron clicked on the email with a smile.

Ron believed in Holley.

In his opinion, all the evidences must be deliberately captured by someone.

There was nothing else in the short video, but later, when he saw the photo of them holding hands, Ron was really jealous.

No matter what, Jay couldn't touch his wife's hand!

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