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   Chapter 348 Stolen Happiness (3)

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When she received a satisfactory reply from the designer, Teresa went to the living room in a good mood.

In the living room, the last thing she wanted to see happened.

Fabian sat next to Holley, and they were laughing and talking.

What the hell was that?

'I, Teresa, was too stupid to create opportunities for the two lovers?

Holley, I'm the one who is going to marry Fabian, while you have already had Mr. Ron.

So you must get out of Fabian's world.

I won't make a concession. Neither will I give you a chance.'

She opened the door and walked in. "What are you talking about? Why are you so happy?" she asked with a smile

"Because I was told that Mr. Lan and Hannah were getting engaged on the same day as yours. Even the specific time was the same. We are asking if there will be anyone else besides the Gu family and the Lan family to attend their engagement party. "

Holley said with a smile.

Fabian was already very considerate to them. He walked up to them, cared about them, and served them with tea and soup.

Teresa just smiled while she drank the medicated diet. "In my opinion, I still hope that more people will show respect to Mr. Lan and others. Otherwise, we will be exhausted during the engagement party. "

"As far as I am concerned, it's best that there is no engagement party. It would be troublesome to deal with these things. We can apply for our marriage certificate and travel around the world. "

Fabian said earnestly.

He didn't notice that when he said that, there was a flash of coldness in Teresa's eyes.

Every girl longed for a wedding ceremony or a wedding party.

So did Teresa.

She couldn't bear that her fiancé had said something like no wedding party.

'are you unwilling to hold a wedding ceremony to acknowledge me as your fiancée for the sake of Holley?

When we planned to engage and marry at that time, it was you, Fabian, who promised me that you would give me the most grand and enviable wedding ceremony.

But now?

You have only got a fe


The reason why he didn't date with Holley and didn't go after her was that her family was not good enough for him and their families were not well matched.

If not for that reason, he would definitely go after Holley.

However, Teresa still nodded with a smile, indicating that she believed in what Fabian had said. "Fabian, the past doesn't matter. You have to remember that you can only have me in your life now and in the future. There can't be anyone else. "

"Of course, that's what I have always been doing."

Fabian said proudly, while Teresa just smiled casually.

When Holley left the hotel and went back to the Mu's group, she was surprised to find that the designer, who had been measuring her figure, had been waiting for a long time.

Out of kindness, she walked over and knocked on the car window. "Are you getting into the Mu's Group to look for someone? If you want, I can take you to the company or I can help you to call someone here. "

"I want to see you."

The designer said as he pointed to Holley.

"What's the matter?" Holley asked, confounded

"I heard you and Jay were high school classmates. I appreciate his talent and hope to meet him. Is it convenient for you to introduce him?"

Finally, the designer dared not tell the plan of Teresa.

He had to change the topic and talk about other people.

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