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   Chapter 346 Stolen Happiness (1)

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"She is a temptress."

Ms. Tien lowered her voice and said to Holley. Then she gave Holley a reassuring look and said, "take a look at me."

Then she opened the door of the ward.

Ms. Tien walked towards Ron directly.

She put the rice cooker on the table and exclaimed.

"Oh my God! Young master, what are you doing? How could you casually take a woman's hand? "

"Young Master, you are married now. What would Young Mistress think of you doing such a shameless thing? What would others think of you? Even if you are in a high position and nobody dares to criticize you, what should this young lady do in the future? You can't just divorce Young Mistress and marry her again, right? "

As a maid, Ms. Tien thought it was not necessary to talk polite at all, so she yelled loudly.

After hearing what she said, Ron loosened his hand decisively.

He suddenly stood up and shook his head with Ms. Tien, "what are you talking about? Holley is my only wife. I won't divorce. Don't spread it. "

"Young Master is doing this to cause misunderstanding. Since Young Master you are not able to be responsible for Miss Mei, you had to take good care of her for the sake of her reputation. Young Master, you're married, so you couldn't do these things. from now on, I will take care of Miss Mei. Besides, I have nothing to do at home every day, so it's a great honor for me to share the burden for Young Master and Young Mistress. "

As an excellent fighter, Ms. Tien pushed Ron aside before he gave an answer.

When she came to the side of Miss Mei, Ms. Tien smiled at her and then took out her cell phone, typing a line, "I'll take care of you from now on."

Miss Mei stared at Ron in a daze.

As for the words Ms. Tien typed, she did not read at all.

Being stared by that straight gaze, Ron increasingly felt that Ms. Tien had made a wise choice.

If the Mei family wasn't responsible for the disapp

to compensate to a certain degree for the descendants of the Mei family, I cannot use myself to make it up, right? No matter what, how to compensate is my business. Not to mention that you don't want her to come and live with us, even if you do, I won't agree. "

This was the best attitude of Ron.

Holley added, "I don't want you to be entangled with other women because of favor."

"Don't worry. I won't."

Ron pinched her cheek, "are you sleepy?"

"I can't fall asleep."

Holley replied honestly. "I've been busy all night, so I didn't feel sleepy at all."

"Me too. How about we have midnight snack together? I can make up for my absence during the day. "

"No, not good."

"You should have had your midnight snack with me."

"So how do you want me to make it up?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"it is overdue..."

"No, you can't cheat..."

The voice of Ron and Holley echoed in the corridor.

When they disappeared at the end of the corridor, a common looking man with a wide brim hat came out from the darkness and stared at Holley with hatred.

'What a shameless woman.

You robbed of others' happiness and others' future. Now you even have the face to be self-conceited here.

How long do you think you can have the happiness you stole?'

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