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   Chapter 343 They Are Going to Tear Their Faces (2)

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Seeing that Holley had no intention to choose her, Teresa changed the subject and explained.

"Holle, don't blame me for being so straightforward and cruel. That was the truth. I told you in advance because I was worried about you and I wanted you to be mentally prepared. It couldn't be better if such things didn't happen. After all, Hannah had been notorious. Even Mr. Lan was reluctant to marry her. But don't be unprepared if it really happened. Right? "

Then she changed the topic and took Holley's hand. "Holle, I need you too when I get engaged. The wounds on my body have healed a lot, and the engagement date has been set, which is three days later. If it's convenient for you, come to me tomorrow and let me measure your figure so as to make the dress. We can also choose some jewelry for you. The Ou family is a big family with a lot of rules and a lot of things to choose from. It will be very difficult for you, "


She wanted to turn down her offer.

But Teresa didn't give her any chance to refuse, "Holle, I don't have friends in N City. You are the only one. Moreover, the Lei family had experienced tragic cases at that time and there were few people in the Lei family. Only my uncle, brother and I are at home. If I am accompanied to the engagement party by my uncle or brother, I will be looked down upon. "

"Although Fabian treats me very well, he is still the Young Master of the Ou family. If I was looked down upon, it would be difficult for him to do it in the future. I was not born in a high-ranking official's family, just because my parents were long gone, I had few relatives, and I didn't even have a female companion when I was engaged. Then, Fabian couldn't bear it. "

"Holle, you know me. I've never been a pessimistic person, but I'm going to get married soon. I'm really nervous and think too much. Holle, during

totally gone. My car crashed into the car nearby, and the car nearby crashed into her. "

"It's complicated. You might have been hypnotized temporarily. But with your willpower, who could easily hypnotize you? "

Fabian shook his head, "But what a coincidence! It was a car accident back then, and now it happened again with the same family. Would you disappear two days later? "

He was really worried about Ron, so he asked with uncertainty.

"Don't talk nonsense," said Ron, glaring at him

Fabian shrugged his shoulders and continued his gossip. "Oh, does your wife know her existence?"

"She knew."

Fabian was shocked by what he heard and said to Ron, "how dare you. According to my experience of dating and getting along with women recently, if this kind of thing is known by women, they will certainly cause a chaos. She looks gentle, but she will certainly make trouble for you. "

"She didn't know about that."

Ron said calmly.

Fabian breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. That's good. I thought you had admitted everything. It was hard to read a woman's mind. And she was extremely jealous. Anyway, don't tell her anything, and never let her know. "

After reaching an agreement, the two men smiled at each other.

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