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   Chapter 342 They Are Going to Tear Their Faces (1)

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The phone was still buzzing. Fabian also heard it.

He had never cheated on her, so he said frankly, "Teresa, is my phone ringing? Come and help me answer it. "


Teresa agreed. She answered the phone, but pretended that she didn't know the phone number at all. "Hello, who's that?"


Holley asked uncertainly.

"Holley, why are you here?"

Teresa was quite surprised. "That's crazy. Fabian didn't even save your number. I thought it was a phone call from a stranger."

"Then you can prove that the doctor only loves you. He doesn't save any woman's phone number, even if I was his buddy's wife, no exception. "

Holley answered normally. She didn't know what was on Teresa's mind.

Teresa slightly curled her lips. "What do you want from Fabian?"

"Yes. Mr. Ron needs a doctor to help him. If he is at home, we can go there soon. "

Teresa slightly pouted and said, "He's at home. You come over."

After hanging up the phone, Teresa put the phone on the desk, feeling a little bored.

She really didn't like Holley seeing Fabian.

Since she found those photos, Teresa recalled the process of their meeting and the recent encounters.

Everything seemed to be wrong with Fabian.

Her intuition told her that Fabian took her as a substitute for Holley.

With a broken heart, she lied on the sofa alone, holding a pillow in her arms.

As soon as Fabian served the medicated diet, he sensed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere in the living room.

"What's wrong?"

Fabian asked with concern.

Teresa didn't want to say anything.

Fabian had to change the topic. "Who called just now? What's the matter?"

Teresa only felt bitter in her heart.

Obviously, she was upset.

However, Fabian only asked her once symbolically. Seeing that she didn't answer him, he changed the topic.

Was there anyone calling more important than her mood?

It was said that the Ou family and the Lei family were working on a big project recently. Teresa held back but said nothing. She just said in a sullen mood, "Holley said that she

ave something to ask you."

Teresa said seriously.

"What's wrong? You are so serious today."

"Because it's really a serious thing."

Teresa said solemnly, "the Gu family and the Lan family are united by marriage. Besides, behind the Lan family, there is also Lisa, the second most powerful family in the black market. Lisa has always been at odds with our Lei family. That is to say, once they get married, the Gu family will be our Lei family's opponent. But I heard that the attorney who was saved by me was in love with the daughter of the Gu family, and the daughter was kind of intimate with you. "

"Holle, it is more about family fight than business. You have no one to back you up. At this time, you need to choose one side. On our side, or on Gu family's side. No neutral place for you to choose. If you can't let go of the friendship with the daughter of the Gu family and the lawyer, I'm afraid you'll be the first person to deal with in the Lei family, even if you're Mr. Ron's wife. "

"So does Mr. Ron. He has to make a choice, either by cooperating with the Gu family, or by cooperating with the Lei family and the Ou family. If both of you have made a different choice, have you thought about the result? "

"Holle, I hope you choose me for the sake of our friendship."

Teresa said very seriously. This was a kind reminder, a attempt to test and even a threat.

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