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   Chapter 340 My Love For You

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"This is a VIP's ward. You are not allowed to come in."

The man who stopped Holley said coldly.

Raising her head, Holley said with a smile, "I am Mrs. Holley. Are you sure you are going to stop me?"

The two men were stunned.

They knew it was Mr. Ron in the ward.

But Mr. Ron had ordered them that no one should be allowed to bother him. Should they stop Mrs. Holley?

"Please get out of my way. I won't put you on the spot."

Holley said again.

The sound outside the ward shocked Ron, so he turned around. When he saw Holley, he was obviously surprised.

He really didn't expect his little woman would come.

He walked out and waved his hand to his two followers, indicating that they could leave now.

"Why are you here?"

Ron came over.

Holley replied with a casual smile, "You are Mr. Ron, and I am Mrs. Holley. Why can't I come here since you are here?"

"Your friend had a car accident, of course I should come to see her."

Then Holley stretched out her head and looked at the woman lying on the sickbed. "How is she going? Where are her parents?"

Ron was silent for a moment and said, "She had something to do with my parents."

Ron's meaning was very clear.

He had no direct relationship with the women in the ward.

He was just returning his parents a favor.

It was not that Holley did not believe him, but what he said and what he did today could not be verified.

If he had only fought for his parents' sake, he wouldn't have stayed in the ward most of the time.

But Holley didn't want to uncover Ron's lie. She just smiled, "It was right not to tell her family about such a serious accident. Don't let her parents worry about it. But her parents will worry if they can't get in touch with her."

"An orphan."

It seemed that Ron didn't want to reveal too much about the woman who was in the ward.

Holley smiled

my only woman, my only wife. This would never change. After all, the Mu family owed her a lot at that time. If I don't do more effort, I'm afraid that the God will not forgive me and let me have no chance to know the truth."

"You are right, but you shouldn't have hidden anything from me, right?"

Holley smiled.

Ron nodded again and replied in a very good attitude, "You are right."

But there was still an evasive look in his eyes.

Holley waved at him and said, "Okay, you can go now. I'm going back to the company. I'll go home when work is over."

When Holley turned around, the man suddenly grabbed her wrist and said, "Holley, you have to believe and know that you are the only one in my life. Nothing can change my feelings for you. My love for you is pure."

The man's words seemed to contain implication.

But Holley didn't know what Ron was talking about. She looked at him.

Ron reached out his big hands and pulled her into his arms.

He was using the action to swear his sovereignty with a kiss.

In a corner not far away.

A plain-looking man in a wide-brimmed hat, half his face hidden, was talking on the phone, "Mr. Ron and Holley love each other very much, and should we need to tell Holley the truth now?"

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