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   Chapter 338 You Are Heartless When You See Zoey

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Holley stood up abruptly.

She looked back at Moore and asked calmly, "Is that what Hannah told you?"

Eleanor knew Holley well. The calmer she was, the bolder she was inside.

Eleanor didn't say anything and just stood beside her.

Holley knew clearly that Eleanor was afraid that something bad would happen to her, so she came over to help her.

Holley smiled gratefully to Eleanor and then looked at Moore, with a light smile on her face. "Why don't you speak? You know that Hannah attempted to seduce Mr. Ron, don't you?"

"I remember that brother Moore has told me that a lawyer must not believe what he hears. A lawyer should judge the credibility of testimony by analyzing the strong relationship between the witness and the defendant or the accuser."

"By the way, have you really given Zoey a call? Have you made sure she's fine?"

Moore was struck dumb by Holley's question.

He did have a certain bias in this matter.

Moore was silent. Holley urged him impatiently, "Just give Zoey a call."

Moore sighed.

When Moore was in Mexico, he was very close to Zoey. He saw her every day. It wouldn't take him five minutes to meet her. That was why he didn't have the chance to call Zoey.

They didn't add WeChat either. When Moore was in Mexico, he has no personal freedom to a large extent, so he doesn't have a cell phone and he is not allowed to communicate with the outside world on the Internet.

Embarrassed, Moore faltered out the truth.

Holley was on the verge of breaking down.

"Eleanor, please check for the number of Zoey?"

Eleanor went to check Zoey's phone number and soon came back with a small note.

She was going to hand the note to Moore, but Holley took it first.

"I have a request first. If Zoey is really fine and nothing happened between us, you have to apologize to me."

Moore was not a fool. After hearing the conflict between Holley and Hannah, he suddenly understood something.

Maybe what Han

ou fall in love with?"

Unwilling to talk more about Ron, Holley chose to change the topic.

"No, there isn't."

Eleanor replied without any hesitation.

Holley was stunned and said, "I'm sorry, sister."

"No, I understand what you mean. But I have someone in my heart and I can't love anyone else."

Then Eleanor took Holley's hand and said, "My dear sister, you must live a happy life when you alive. Otherwise, you will only regret in the rest of your life that you didn't love him more. You should have spent more time with him."

"Yes, you are right."

"Well, I won't chat with you. The Mu's Group is now in the teeth of the storm. You are also a top talent in finance. You should help Mr. Ron and the company more. When the company is in good condition, come to me. Let's sit down, have a drink and have a good chat."

In the Mu's Group.

When Holley came back, she didn't see Ron.

Holley didn't know what happened to him. He even left the office without taking his phone.

None of the assistants outside knew the man's whereabouts.

How strange!

Holley sat down beside the man's desk and looked around, trying to find some clues that she could knew the man's whereabouts.

But she failed completely. With her eyes, she couldn't see what happened or know where the man was.

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