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   Chapter 337 Time Would Prove Everything

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Holley smiled and said, "Do you know, Zoey? If you hadn't interceded for him, I would have been angry with him for at least a year."

"Now that you care about him and speak for him, I suddenly feel that it's the best thing for him to turn against me because of you. You are so kind that Moore loves you so much."

Holley patted the hand of Zoey and said, "As long as Moore knows that he misunderstood me, and tell me that he was wrong, I won't get even with him."

"Well, you are just as good as Moore said."

Saying, Zoey was looking at her watch, "I have to attend a party of my family later, so I have to go. And I really want to know Moore's past, so let's add WeChat. Next time, I'll invite you to have coffee or go shopping with me. Next time when we meet, you must tell me something about Moore."

Saying goodbye to Zoey, Holley led the way directly to the manager's office with others.

Using Mr. Ron's identity and family connections, Holley smoothly got the surveillance video of the coffee shop.

In particular, there was a part of communication between Zoey and her. She listened again and confirmed that their conversation had been recorded. She was satisfied to leave money and returned to the company.

To see that little woman come back safe and sound.

Ron nodded in approval. "Does everything goes well?"

"All right."

Holley smiled, "I already discovered the mastermind. I guess it was Hannah who did it. So I have to meet another person and listen to an endless story."


When Ron looked at Holley, his eyes were always full of love.

"Who are you talking about? Do you want to know who the mastermind is or whom I am going to meet?"

Holley asked playfully. Ron grabbed the little woman's hand and said, "I ask both."

"You are so lazy. You even want to ask me two questions with one word."

"Then, will you answer me or not?"

Ron gently held her hand and put her in his arms.

"All right, all right. Let me tell you how talented I am."

Holley said with a pretty smile, "The mastermind must be Hannah, because Hannah is Zoey's elder sister. Only s

world. Everyone knew that Zoey was the daughter of the Gu family, and now she was leisurely living in the city. But no one would like to tell him. Don't you think he is too miserable?"

Speaking of Moore, Holley couldn't help taking a deep breath.

Wasn't he serious?

He was a well-known lawyer in the field. Everyone wanted to have his 10-year life.

So even though everyone knew the truth was not like the announcement that Moore had put up, no one told him, because they all wanted to take the opportunity to take advantage of him.

"Eleanor, I'm the one that Moore is sure it was who kidnapped Zoey."

Holley curl her lip reluctantly. She felt much better than yesterday.

Maybe it was because she had been misunderstood by Moore for so many times that she had got used to it.

She didn't feel much heartache when she said it.

"It's so embarrassing. We are good friends. I'm afraid he won't believe whatever I tell him on your behalf. As for other people, I'm afraid they won't tell Moore the truth. "

Eleanor shrugged her shoulders helplessly. "But you're innocent, and sooner or later, the injustice will come to nothing. Don't worry."

"Eleanor, you're wrong. Holley is not that kind-hearted woman you know. Time will prove that she is the real murderer sooner or later."

Moore arrived here and heard what Holley had said. He said with a sense of irony and dissatisfaction.

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