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   Chapter 335 You Are Unique To Me

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"Do you remember who took you there to catch dolls?"

Ron said with a smile.

Recalling the past, Ron looked at Holley emotionally.

"It's you. We just knew each other at that time. You said you wanted to pursue me and dated with me for the first time. You asked me to choose the place to have a date. I don't know there are so many fancy shopping malls and I chose the one most college students would go to. I watched a movie with you and got that bunny."

Holley was immersed in the memory of the past too.

She had such a happy time with Ron.

They loved each other.

The love story was so sweet that Teresa felt a bit jealous.

She changed the topic and said, "Let's eat, or the dishes will be cold. Holle, if you have time, come to me. I will find a professional designer to make dresses for us. You will be my bridesmaids and Ron will be the groomsmen for Fabian. So you have to go with us all the way through the wedding. I guess I will change at least sixteen sets of dresses at one day because of the situation of the Ou family. These dresses must be of the latest style and the latest custom. You don't have to abandon Fabian and me just because the process is so complicated. Only you and Mr. Ron are our friends in N City."

"Sixteen dresses..."

Holley feel a headache.

When she got married, she just changed into six evening dresses. She was freaking out just now.

But now there are sixteen dresses for Teresa.

Taking a deep breath, Holley made up her mind and agreed, "No problem. Send me a massage when you ask the designer to measure your size."

"Thank you, Holle. You are so kind to me."

Teresa smiled and pushed Fabian, saying, "Pour a bowl of soup and a bowl of rice for guests."

Resting her hands, Teresa explained, "My back was injured. I walked to the door by accident today,

esa, it's not that serious. It's not a big deal."

Fabian coaxed her.

However, Teresa just shook her head seriously and said, "Fabian, I don't allow you to escape this question. I want you to face up to all the problems.

"Of course, I really like you. Teresa, I love you. I fell in love with you at the first sight. I want to marry you as soon as I see you, and I think you should be my wife."

Fabian shouted with excitement.

Teresa nodded. "Then let me be the one and only in your eyes. I want everything to be unique, and all the gifts to you will be unique. I don't want to have the same gift as others, at least not like Holley's."

"Okay, I promise you. Teresa, it's all my fault. I will buy you a new doll. Choose a bear, okay?"

Fabian always coaxed Teresa patiently.

Since negative emotions in Teresa's heart had been released.

Teresa was getting more and more rational.

She couldn't do this anymore.

The safety of her family is under her control, so she must be careful.


In a soft voice, she held Fabian's hand.

Leaning against his arms, she said helplessly, "I really like you. So I am very mean."

"It's my fault. I'll be more careful. You are unique to me."

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