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   Chapter 332 Love Can't Be Kept Since Ancient Times, Only the Routine Wins the Hearts of the People

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6528

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Teresa managed to squeeze out a smile. "Fabian, I want to confirm this right now. Didn't you say that you hoped we could get married as soon as possible? "

"But now you..."

Fabian shook his head and said, "all you need to do now is to have a good rest."

"But Holle and Mr. Ron are not injured. You can invite them to our home and tell them the thing about the bridesmaid and groomsman by the way."

Teresa was there and she had her own plan.

Fabian couldn't understand her feelings. When he was in Mexico, Fabian had heard from Teresa that she had fallen in love with him.

And Fabian continued his policy.

He pampered Teresa and even spoiled her to the point of no return.

He nodded and said, "Okay, I'll invite them."

Fabian called Ron and Holley, "I haven't finished what happened this morning. As for the matter of favor debt, just forget it. The little wife of Mr. Ron, I think you have no objection to that, right? Your husband said that he would never ask me back if I owe him one favor. "

"My husband is my husband. I am me. He is a man. Of course he doesn't need to care about it. But I am a woman. It is a huge favor that I have to ask."

Holley said resolutely.

Seeing that, Fabian could not help but sneer in his heart. He said, "I will not fulfill my promise in such kind of thing. Neither of you can do anything about it. How about this? You two come to my house for dinner tonight and by the way, promise Teresa that when we get married, you two will be the best man and the bridesmaid. I will still owe you the favor and keep my promise. "

"Fabian, you're being unreasonable."

Ron smiled and complained, "I'm telling you again. The trap is only for women, not for brothers."

"Anyway, you two can come here."

Knowing that he couldn't win in the argument with Ron, Fabian hung up the phone decisively.

He just didn't want Teresa to know that Ron and Holley had already known the whole truth.


e station. "

His words shocked all the bodyguards.

Moore looked directly at Holley. Disappointment filled his eyes.

He had told Holley that Zoey was really important to him.

He has clearly expressed that he will deal with his own emotional problems.

But Holley was different. She called Zoey and scolded Zoey.

She even kidnapped Zoey from Mexico.

Only when he received a phone call from Zoey's sister, Hannah, did he know such a cruel and excessive thing.

"Holley ye, you are in no position to do this. Just let go of Zoey, or we will no longer be friends."

Breaking off was Moore in gambling, and he bet that Holley also care about their friendship.

Moore was disappointed.

Because Holley denied, "Moore, you must have misunderstood. I haven't seen Zoey, not even once. How could I kidnap her? "

"I didn't misunderstand you. I'll find evidence and let the law punish you, an insidious person,"

Moore said word by word, with his hands clenched into fists. He had never been so angry.

"What I regret most is that I helped you with your case four years ago and let you end up in a four-year sentence, Holley. If I had known that you would be so heartless, I would not have interfered with your case. It would have been better for you to be sentenced to death. "

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