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   Chapter 331 A Woman's Heart

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There was another important reason why Joyce had decided not to interfere with the Gao family.

That was she had not only Ivy as her ally, and she also had another powerful ally Jason.

When she came to the floor where the design department was located, Joyce sent a message to Jason on WeChat, "get out."

Soon enough, Jason got out of the design department.

"What's wrong with you?"

Jason frowned, "How did you offend director Zhong again? He was mad at you the moment he came back. He asked you to be in charge of the design of No. 21 area in Northeast Road. It is a remote place and the nearest shop is as far as 5 kilometers from the land. "

"So what?"

Joyce didn't understand. The plot was remote. It had nothing to do with her.

Jason sighed and added, "pay close attention to the company. The design department had long informed that the people in charge of the design of No. 21 land should stay in that remote and dilapidated place for a month, and during this period, they should complete the field investigation and the first design draft. If the preliminary draft is approved, you should go back to the company and refine it. If it is not approved, you should continue to stay at that bad place. "

Joyce was stunned.

She really didn't pay much attention to the notice from the design department.

It was difficult for a delicate rich young lady to go to a remote place.

However, she was a thorn in the flesh of Mrs. Holley, and a thorn in the eye of Jay.

In consideration to their identity and status in the company, it was easy for them to toss her around and make her suffer even if they couldn't fire her.

But Joyce didn't give in.

She would never forget that night. How much insults she had suffered because of Holley? And how hard had she spent that night at the police station.

She swore to revenge.

She headed for the remote place No. 21. If she left, she could ask Jay and Holley to relax their vigilance.

When she came back, she would beat them hard and make them regret fo

e to think about the wedding, so I don't like talking much. "

Teresa's explanation was full of loopholes.

But Fabian was willing to believe that.

He nodded and asked, "so, what do you think of about the wedding?"

Teresa didn't know what to do with Fabian. He had so many questions to ask.

She thought for a while and then threw out a difficult problem, "now that there is a wedding to be held in N City, we don't have many friends in this city, only Ron and Holley. So they must be the Groomsman and Bridesmaid. But I'm a little worried that Holle will refuse to be my bridesmaid. It really bothers me. "

"I will handle it."

Said Fabian, who had just straightened his chest.

A complicated feeling surged up in Teresa's heart.

How could he promise that if he was not familiar with Holley?

'Fabian, what's your relationship with Holley ye? Is there a secret love between you two?'

Teresa's face turned pale. Fabian thought that she recalled what she had done wrong, so he said, "Teresa, don't think about it anymore. You have returned everything you owed Holley since you went to Mexico. You are still friends and sisters, because she doesn't know the truth."

"Tomorrow, I will go to see Holley tomorrow morning. I will let her promise to be your bridesmaid."

Fabian didn't know what was in Teresa's mind, so he promised.

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