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   Chapter 328 I'm waiting for you at the rooftop. We have something to talk about

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"Grandpa, what Dad has done is so unfair. Zoey did such a lousy thing and escaped..."

Before Hannah could finish her words, she was slapped hard by her father.

This time, her father hit her harder than before. Her mouth was bleeding at once.

The smell of blood stimulated her and makes her get more crazy.

Even if her father slapped her, she would retort.

"Dad, even if you kill me, you can't cover up Zoey's mistake."

Hannah shouted out of control.

Herman raised his hand again and was about to slap Hannah, but was stopped by Mr. Gu. "Let her say. Things can't be resolved unless they are said."

All of a sudden, Hannah revealed how shameless Zoey was, and how she sneaked out of the house for the sake of a man.

At last, she didn't forget to threaten Zoey, "I have posted the chatting records to the family's group. As a member of Gu family, she should pay the price for what she has done."

Hannah had made up her mind to trap Zoey.


Zoey's voice came from behind.

Zoey looked at Hannah with a miserable eyes which just made Hannah annoyed.

And her delicate voice which fascinate men also made Hannah annoyed.

With astonishment in Zoey's eyes, she asked, "Sister, why did you do this to me? I just heard that you were going to get married and wanted to give you my wishes and surprise, so I didn't tell mom and dad and grandpa that I was here. But why did you post the chatting records to the family's group? Everyone would think I went back the N City for another reason."

"Isn't it true?"

Hannah sneered, "Zoey, don't treat others as idiots. Are you here for that lawyer? I can't believe that you don't have the guts to admit it. You coward!"

Hannah mocked at her sister and tried to irritate her.

Otherwise, if Zoey insisted that she came here to celebrate her sister's marriage and give her sister a surprise, then Hannah really missed the opportunity and could not do anything to Zoey.

However, Zoey kept shaking he

should subside a little bit. The marriage will be held soon and you should not bring trouble to family."

"Dad, don't worry. I won't do that again."

Herman answered, lowering his head.

In the design department of the Mu's Group.

After organizing the design, Jay left the office with the latest result.

It seemed that he was going to report work to Mr. Ron.

Jason made a sign to Joyce, indicating that she should take action now.

Joyce couldn't wait to carry out this plan.

She had been in silence for a long time, and she also saw Holley be free for a long time.

Now, she got the chance to take action.

After making an "Okay" gesture to Jason, she stood up and walked past the table of Jay.

Joyce took away Jay's phone naturally and walked to Jason.

Although Jason was a designer in the company, but he was a famous hacker on the Internet.

Soon, he unlocked Jay's cell phone, found the phone number of Holley, and sent a message to Holley: I am waiting for you on the rooftop. I have something to talk with you.

After sending the message and deleting the traces, Joyce returned Jay's phone to the original place.

In the President's Office on the top floor.

Holley took a glance at the message and pushed her phone towards Ron. She asked, "What do you think of this message?"

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