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   Chapter 327 No One Was Nobler Than The Other

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Sitting next to Craig and drinking coffee with him, Hannah felt it was too late to meet him.

Obviously, she was the same person with Craig. The two of them appreciated each other, talked about their dreams, and talked about their future.

However, all the happiness was destroyed by a wechat message.

However, Zoey had sent a message to Hannah, saying that she was at the airport of N City and asked Hannah to come to pick her up."

For Hannah, Zoey was the source of her misfortune.

'If it was not Zoey, she, Hannah, would be the little princess of her parents, and would be the daughter of the Gu family who had been doted on by everyone.

However, the hateful bitch, Zoey, had robbed the love of her parents since childhood and now grandpa's love was also divided away.

Even she secretly took control of her mother's position.

You slut! You came to N City only for Moore.

I can't marry someone I love, neither can you.' Hannah thought.

Craig was good at gauging people's mind. When he saw the change of Hannah's expression, he put down the coffee cup and asked, "What's wrong with you, Hanna?"

"Something private."

Raising her head, Hannah smiled coquettishly. "Wait for me for three minutes. I'll handle it."

When Hannah looked down again, there was only coldness in her eyes.

'Zoey, who do you think you are? You have no sense of seniority. How dare you command me to pick you up at the airport? Why?'

These were the unspoken words in Hannah's heart, however, she wrote in the massage, "Zoey, you are the little princess of our family. How dare those drivers not come to pick you up?"

Soon, Zoey texted Hannah back, "Sister, I sneaked back from Mexico. I don't dare to let parents and grandpa know this. This is the first time I've come to N City. I'm not familiar with this city, and only you can help me."

Hannah sneered. She knew it.

'I, Hannah, was slapped in the face and scolded for discrediting the reputatio

xpect that her father's anger was because of her.

She had thought of herself as a merit, walking arrogantly in the corridor. However, just when she came close to Herman, she got a heavy slap in the face.


Herman beat Hannah so hard that she almost passed out.

With a look of disbelief, Hannah looked at her father blankly.

'Why did he hit her again?

What did she do wrong?'

"You such a ratfink! How dare you informed against your sister! You are really something." Herman seemed to feel not enough to vent, and slapped Hannah again.

"I didn't informed against her. I just want to save the Gu family's dignity. Do you want to see Zoey marry a humble man, Moore, and then be fooled and abandoned by him? Dad, as an elder sister, I have the right to reveal the obscene behavior of Zoey to the public? All the elders in the Gu family have the right to teach her a lesson."

Hannah shouted madly.

She wanted everyone in the world to know what her sister Zoey had done.

They are of the same father and mother, and no one is more noble than the other.

'If she, Hannah, was shameless, then Zoey even more shameless!'

Hannah's scream attracted many people's attention, including Mr. Gu.

Mr. Gu walked out slowly with the cane. He asked in a low voice, "What happened?"

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