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   Chapter 326 I Should Have Met A Woman Like You Earlier

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Hannah succeeded in alienating Moore from Holley, which made her feel extremely good.

She suddenly felt that everything was not so bad.

'Perhaps, Craig is also a cute person." she thought.

After all, Craig also hated Moore, Holley and Ron.

Hearing the truth from her grandpa and father, Hannah was desperate about her family.

Now she was simple minded. She liked whoever pleased her.

She put down the phone and went to grandpa's study.

His father was gone and there was only his grandfather left in the study.

Seeing Hannah coming, grandpa waved at her sympathetically and said, "Silly girl, don't talk back to your father. What he did is for your own good."

Mr. Gu showed a loving look and cared about his granddaughter.

If Hannah hadn't heard what her grandpa had said, she would have believed that her grandpa loved her most.

But now, she only felt it was funny and hypocritical.

Covering her aching face, Hannah shook her head and said, "He scolded me as soon as he met me. I don't want to talk back. But why, we were both his daughters, Zoey could pursue her own love and happiness. And I could only get married for my family."

Hannah had made up her mind that she could marry Craig.

But she was curious about whether her grandpa treated her sincerely or not.

Hannah asked tentatively.

Mr. Gu meditated and shook his head, "Your situation is different from Zoey's. Your reputation is damaged, so it is difficult for you to marry a man from a family of equal social rank. This is also the reason why your father strongly asks you to marry Mr. Lan. He means you no harm. He just hope that you can marry a good man."

'What Mr. Gu said was just some splendid reasons.

As long as the Gu family didn't fall, no one dared to dislike Hannah.

Besides, why don't grandpa mention anything about that bitch Zoey?

It is you who dare not to mention it, because there is no comparison, there is no harm. When you mention it, we can see that you and dad are cruel to me.'

Hannah thought. But she did

y smiled and said, "You should know that my mother is an earl and she has only two daughters, one is me and the other is my sister. The next heir to the title of nobility will be either of us. Now my sister is crazy. She is mesmerized by someone and loves the wrong person. I don't think she is likely to inherit the title of nobility. But she has the right to compete with me. In Mexico, the status of civilians and aristocrats are different. Whether our child can become a member of the aristocracy is up to you."

"How heartless you are!"

Craig understood Hannah's meaning at once.

'She wanted her sister to die.

She could do everything to gain power.'

"You flatter me, Mr. Lan."

Said Hannah, without the least sense of shamelessness.

"I like your style. Let's have coffee together later."

Craig invited Hannah. Hannah smiled lightly and said, "Didn't Mr. Lan say we wouldn't talk the topic of love?"

"We can talk about the specific plan. After all, I think we have the same thoughts on certain things. Such as the death of Moore, the death of Holley or the death of Ron, right?'

With an evil smile on Craig's face, Hannah nodded in agreement, "Okay, I like caramel macchiato. Please don't forget it when you order later."

"I should have met a woman like you earlier."

Craig got closer to Hannah and smelled her ferocity and malevolence.

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